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So how competitive are we ? Do we justify our losses?(2 posts)

So how competitive are we ? Do we justify our losses?rwbadley
Oct 9, 2003 7:25 PM
Today I went for a nice little ride.

The wind was blowing a bit. I was schlupping up a local climb when up ahead a cyclist turns onto my route, looks back at me and Goes. So of course I follow. For the next seven miles or so I bust my gut trying to catch the faceless joker that keeps just fifty yards ahead. Up hill, down hill, twisty turning roads. He glances back occasionally to see if I'm still playing. What a great workout. I felt sick I couldn't reel the 'stard in. But what fun. You all know the story.

So I finally caught the guy at a turn in the road and comment about his 'nice pace' (He was on a Lemond btw)

After we parted ways I was considering the 'what ifs' Like what if I'd been on the 'good bike' etc. I was on the old Celo with toe straps and had forgotten to put the seat back up from the 3/4" I'd lowered it from last weekend when I let a friend ride it.

So it's all pretty silly. I've done a fair bit of racing, but not in the last little while.

The bottom line is I guess I underplay my own competiveness, but when push comes to shove, it's there all right.

Anyone else?
re: So how competitive are we ? Do we justify our losses?CARBON110
Oct 9, 2003 8:17 PM
I luv competition but not unless someone makes the first move. I got challenged climbing up to Mt Mitchell 2 weeks ago. It was good since the move was made on a steep part. As much as I ride I see people all the time...RARELY attracive women like the pic Bikerchic posted WHOA ! What I would give! But I never engage in the game unless provoked, especially uphill. Sure there are plenty of people here or anywhere that can leave me in the dust however the way I think about it is....lets see you bike 20 hours a week for 3 weeks and lift weights then tell me how your legs feel.
However, when challenged, windy,rainy, sunny, uphill or down its on BABY! Of course I prefer it uphill and thats usually when it occurs. To easy to draft on flats. I challenged my coach once, what a gas! I lost in less then 10 seconds going uphill while I was peaking LOL! He even gave me a head start too...what a diffeence being a pro makes :)

So, yeah being 27 130lbs and workn hard there are a few guys in the club I would like to go head to head with, but it will have to wait for local TTs hill climbs and race results. Group rides it seems its easier to drop people on flats then climbs. Its funny too since racing is very similar to something you said. In every race I attend theres always a small group peaking or thinking this is the race they want to win. I havent ever been to a half/ass race where only 25% of the group wasnt out to demolish the rest. But knowing how to race, when to pace yourself, how to be effcient can make you become the stronger rider.