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what is the training manual de jour??(2 posts)

what is the training manual de jour??SeanKellys-reincarnate
Oct 9, 2003 3:23 PM

(this was posted earler in "race" catagory.. but i had no luck)

I raced in the late 80's as a junior.. then in the early 90's as a senior 2, here in canada.

bought a new bike a few months ago.. cause i was getting a bit chubby..

my second group ride (135k)consisted of me getting dropped off the back on the hills.... very embarrassing.

so next year i am looking to be fit enough to hang with some of the hard core guys that were doing the dropping..

as a junior we used the "greg lemonds complete book of bicycling" method to get in shape..

what i am wondering now is if there is anything that most people accept as the best basic method for improving fitness in all aspects of cycling. is there a manual that seems to be most successful? (i would also like to consider the time constraints of life that exist now.. job, Girlfriend, life..)

any help would be greatly appreciated

(see ya in hamilton?)
Answer on racing forum (nm)Kerry Irons
Oct 9, 2003 4:06 PM