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Biopace Lives!(12 posts)

Biopace Lives!Asiago
Oct 9, 2003 9:57 AM
Check out the chainring Bobby Julich is using in the TT!

Oops, picture credit to Velonews... nmAsiago
Oct 9, 2003 9:58 AM
ohmigod! Can't be. I just threw mine out! nmSpunout
Oct 9, 2003 10:59 AM
You broke the cardinal rule!lotterypick
Oct 9, 2003 11:07 AM
Style comes back around. Now you will be off the back when it happens, but I've still got mine and if you want to buy it let me know. HA HA HA HA (evil laugh).
Okay, but it obviously didn't help much from the results nmSpunout
Oct 10, 2003 3:43 AM
re: Biopace Lives!dave_w
Oct 9, 2003 11:22 AM
I'm not convinced it was that bad an idea. Isn't that basically what the Rotor cranks do, decrease the period of time in the pedal strke that you are in the non-power portions? Will be interesting to see if something along these lines finds a niche, perhaps for TT or as seems the case, in the recumbent world. Can triathletes be far behind in embracing this "new" technology?
Nor am I totally convinced that it is a bad idea.Synchronicity
Oct 9, 2003 4:17 PM
But the rotor cranks remove the deadspot, by altering the angle between crankarms. I've tried a set (Albeit on a trainer at a bike show). They seem to work fine, but I think they're ugly. And unless I was a pro, I wouldn't put ugly parts on my bike.

Biopace alters the effective gearing with respect to the crank position, it doesn't actually alter the crank position with respect to each other (lie the rotor system).
Wanna know how old that invention is?Humma Hah
Oct 9, 2003 11:26 AM
The 1893 Columbia Century featured that elliptical chainring. I'd post the pic, but its in .gif format, so here's the link to the museum.
Doesn't look like it works too well...Spoke Wrench
Oct 9, 2003 2:34 PM
'Cause the chain is derailing.
i use themcyclist of all trades
Oct 9, 2003 5:02 PM
just put a set on my low-racer. as we all know recumbents don't climb quite as fast as an upright. I don't have any specific scientific tests to prove it, but using the bio-pace at lower cadences seems to help slightly. in general, i don't spin as fast on the bent as well, which is where bio-pace is thought to provide an advantage.

ding ding
The pedal stroke...DrPete
Oct 9, 2003 5:15 PM
Doesn't this force an uneven pedal stroke? I mean, people go on and on about using the whole pedal stroke for power... Is it all a bunch of hooey?

For a TT bike it makes sense... you can use one muscle group for an hour. But isn't the Biopace design a disadvantage if you want to spread the work among different muscle groups?

Just my very-slightly-educated guess...

I think the point is...DY
Oct 9, 2003 8:09 PM
The point is to get power through the whole pedal stroke. I would think that a pro would be much better at spinning circles and using the whole stroke for power rather than a non-pro.

As I see it the "Bio-Pace" rings help to give a mechanical advantage in the zone of the stroke where most people don't produce as much power. It's not about isolating a specific muscle group.

I have them on one of my older bikes and I really can't feel the difference. I guess that is why they went away.