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Community or wacko(1 post)

Community or wackolotterypick
Oct 8, 2003 9:45 AM
Based on a previous post.

You know, I really like the cycling community and the measures they take to help those who aren't.

Now where is the line between being a good guy and staying away from a wacko.

Since it's a relational issue, I think the incumbents should be nice and helpful, but if a person is new and they don't listen to the advice or make the ride unfun, then clearly they don't value the relationship which the incumbents are trying to build.

Bottom line, I think it should be okay to suggest to the person that they should ride with a different group.

I'm new and working on my base, but I'm listening to the guys and working hard on my own. Meaning, I've responded to be a good fit in their group.

If a person is clearly below the fitness of the group, doesn't listen to the advice, and isn't a good match, I don't see why it wouldn't be acceptable to suggest the person go to another group which better suits their level.

Riding is a precious thing and our time in groups should be fun and filled with similar minded people.

There are lots of churches for all types of people, shouldn't group rides be like that also.

Give the wacko some tips and suggestions on rides and wish him well (in another group).