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tight hat=headache(2 posts)

tight hat=headachewspokes
Oct 8, 2003 4:11 AM
Has anyone else ever had this occur. I wear a wool beanie under the helmet on really cold days. On cooler days I will wear a cycling cap under the helmet. Never had a problem before until yesterday. I got outfitted up in my new Polish Team garb and cap and headed out for a quick sping. I immediately noted "sinus pain" which isn't unusual for someone with usually passes. Well, after about 8 wasn't passing but steadily getting worse. I finally halted because of nasueated and I honestly thought I was ready to collapse like Simpson on a Tour climb after about only 11 miles...I have a history of high blood pressure, and take medication without any prior complications, and had slowed to a point of crawling well before this point, checked my pulse and began thinking I was stroking out. When I halted. I removed my helmet and cap. The pain disappeared almost immediately.

It was the cap! It didn't feel any different from any other cap I had on either...very strange. I have used caps without problems forever...I even tried on another cap at home and it didn't bother me...but this one does. I am talking about sinus pain to the point the eyes blur and water. radiating pain..horrible. I will note that my BP was 150/85 upon returning home and resting for about 5 minutes also. slightly elevated...but that could be due to many the bodies response to pain in the head for over 11 miles. Has anyone else encountered this?? I will also mention I am gonna follow up with my physcian.
you're not the only oneQuadRing
Oct 8, 2003 5:24 AM
Although possibly unrelated to your case, I've had an issue with hats since I was a kid. Had to take the hat off outside in the winter some times, ice in the marching band helmet, can't even wear a baseball cap for too long, and, now that I'm back into cycling I've noticed that whenever my head gets a liitle too warm ( which can happen with a helmet on and 60 F temperature ) I start getting a headache. I can even tell when it's time for a haircut because my head will get too hot quicker whenever exerting extra effort at some task. Even on a short ride I'm lifting my helmet quite frequently to cool of the ol' noggin - pain geos away as soon as temp temp goes down. It doesn't happen every time, just about a third of the time I'd guess.

I may be nuts, but at least all this gives me a good excuse to go buy a Pneumo or something similar with better ventilation than my present lid.

Please post what your doctor has to say about your situation and good luck finding the root of your problem.