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PLAYSTATION: Tour De France(3 posts)

PLAYSTATION: Tour De Francelotterypick
Oct 7, 2003 1:30 PM
Has anyone played it? Would you play it?

I don't believe it's in the US but if it did come here, I think I'd do it at some level.

Can't so much because home time is family, eating and sleeping time, but some days sick or family travelling might be really fun.

By the way, if you could chose your player, which rider would you be? I think I'd go Hamilton.
It didn't get good reviewsColnagoFE
Oct 7, 2003 1:50 PM
Do a web search on it. Still it might be cool to play since there aren't many road bike oriented games available.
re: PLAYSTATION: Tour De Francemaddog
Oct 7, 2003 3:22 PM
Haven't played the TdF game, and know nothing about it.

You should check out for a pretty enjoyable PC cycling game. Includes both management and in-race tactics. (So you can be Riis and Hamilton) I don't play a lot, but it's a fun way to waste some time in the winter. You can play online against your friends. It's a french game, and most players are european, but there is a North American league at