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What year is my Giant?(10 posts)

What year is my Giant?litespeedchick
Oct 7, 2003 7:52 AM
I have a fully carbon fiber Giant bike which I have had for 2-3 years, bought it used. It's fully carbon fiber, partially painted black.

I have looked at the Giant website and although they have info going back to 1999, I don't see a carbon fiber bike until too recently to be mine.

Any Giant experts have a guess as to how old it is? I will be selling it soon and would like to give the buyer an accurate year. Thanks
re: What year is my Giant?jjdbike
Oct 7, 2003 8:41 AM
Without getting into specifics about specs, you have two choices that I know of. First check on the Giant web site. It has info, specs & pics of most of their modles for several yrs back. You could also call Giant USA corp. & ask them. I believe that the yr is included in the cerial number, but I forget which part of the number it is (although I am sure that Giant can tell you). Giant's USA phone # is (805)267-4600.
I hope that helped.
re: What year is my Giant?Fredrico
Oct 7, 2003 11:12 AM
Giant introduced a carbon fiber bike in the early 90's. It had pre-STI Shimano Ultegra components painted grey, and tubing almost the same diameter as the steel tubing of the period. It was externally lugged with almunimum.

Could that be it?
Was it the Cadex???funknuggets
Oct 7, 2003 11:46 AM
Think it would have been 1992 or 1993. Should have been red lettering, I believe.
Cadex it was.The Walrus
Oct 7, 2003 11:55 AM
They must have made 'em from '92 to '94 at least, since Univega was selling re-badged ones during those years. Pretty decent bikes; still have mine, and while it's not super light, it rides well.
If Im not mistaken, though...funknuggets
Oct 7, 2003 1:18 PM
Didnt Specialized have a Carbon Epic that was exactly the same as well.... The guy on my collegiate team that had one got cracked by a car, that wasted his and he ended up getting a Merlin Ti. Nice tradeoff...

White outline lettering...litespeedchick
Oct 8, 2003 4:39 AM
Thanks everyone for the help. I'll call Giant today and see what they say. I looked at the serial # last night but could not discern a year. If it turns out to be that old, I'll feel a little peeved at the guy who sold it to me...he implied it was late 90's.
It's Ultegra, but normal STI, not painted (nm)litespeedchick
Oct 8, 2003 4:33 AM
Does it have the external aluminum lugs?(nm)funknuggets
Oct 8, 2003 5:37 AM
*Clueless shrug*litespeedchick
Oct 8, 2003 6:17 AM
Beats me. Not sure I know what that is. However, if by chance it means that there would be unpainted aluminum visible, then no. I'll ask my husband if he knows. Thanks for the help.