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Frenchtown populare: report in pictures.(29 posts)

Frenchtown populare: report in pictures.cyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:12 PM
last minute instructions..
Oct 6, 2003 3:15 PM
/it hadn't started rain yet/
Oct 6, 2003 4:49 PM
The "best balance on the face of the earth" award goes to the guy on the far left wearing black.
Bob's climbing Bellscyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:18 PM
/his rear slipped and he had to walk a bit/
..slipped on fresh pavecyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 4:01 PM
fresh pavecyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:21 PM
fresh and loose
Oct 6, 2003 3:23 PM
life is good
Oct 6, 2003 3:23 PM
We moved from Stockton to NYC lastyear. I sure miss riding Hunterdon County...but those hills up from the river do get slick...
re: Jealous...cyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:50 PM
you should have come for ride
Bob is smiling, so Murancyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:28 PM
Bob is 57 /his birthday it is/; he climbed Adamic and he will climb Fiddlers Elbow!
looks hardcyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:30 PM
but it is one of the easiest climbs
chearing spectators..cyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:32 PM
guy witout common sencecyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:34 PM
240lbs of steel: riding doubles
Fiddlers Elbow: what's the big deal?cyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:37 PM
and why they spraypainted HELL at the bottom? it looks fine
oh my GOD I just climbed the treecyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:41 PM
so what you do when wheel slips standing and front jacks sitting?
Oct 6, 2003 3:43 PM
so, that's were he's hiding
that's what you do when your GoreTex socks suckscyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:45 PM
After the ridecyclopathic
Oct 6, 2003 3:48 PM
Looks like nice riding in southern Hunterdon County!HouseMoney
Oct 6, 2003 6:11 PM
I do most of my riding in the northern part of the county.
Nice report. Where is it?? nmKristin
Oct 7, 2003 5:12 AM
So West NJ nmcyclopathic
Oct 7, 2003 8:56 AM
I know fiddler's well...biknben
Oct 7, 2003 6:11 AM
These pics are from last year.

Proof that I've been there:

Steeper than it looks. My friend is forced to do switchbacks across the road to get up. He's in a 42x27 gear.

Kristin, this ride is in NJ.
how long and what %?wspokes
Oct 7, 2003 6:47 AM
Just curious, we have some horribly steep climbs around here, most are not longer than 1 mile but they have some brutal pitches.

I have a bubble guage I put on my stem that can give a rough estimate of degrees.
1.5 miles...10% avg....+20% @ steepest...biknben
Oct 7, 2003 7:17 AM
Here's the profile of a ride I do in the area. Fiddler's Elbow is in the middle.

Approximate numbers are 1.5 miles in length w/ 900 ft. in elev. change. The top (maybe 1/3 mile) is relatively flat. So it throws the avg, off a bit. The first mile is well in the double digits and then it just goes stright up for about two hundred meters. The steepest part is short but the lead in hurts plenty. By the time you get to the wall you're already begging for help.
20%? it is morecyclopathic
Oct 7, 2003 8:50 AM
I'll check with TopoUSA and get back. I had climbed Wintergreen which is 22% for almost a mile, and Fiddlers looked steeper. BTW, the loop on profile is almost identical to populare we've done.
Oct 7, 2003 9:30 AM
It is above 20%. I just can't remember the exact number. Once the road pitch is into the upper teens my eye start to roll back in my head. The pain is all the same.

That profile is from a ride I found on-line:
so I thought..cyclopathic
Oct 7, 2003 10:07 AM
populare is Sandiway's route. Adamic hill is in mid-upper teens (~16% specialized didn't show acurate grade as I got out of saddle), and I rode it in 42x25.

on Fiddlers I went straight up but had to sit and squad in 30x25. At steepest if felt as bad as riding Bulls Hill in Fingerlakes. That one hit 28% on Topo.

LOL on rolling eyes, so it was you who sprayed HELL at the bottom :)
1.5 miles...10% avg....+20% @ steepest...wspokes
Oct 8, 2003 3:51 AM
Wow, cool. I would say that there is some brutality in that one. We have some pitches that hit +20% on the steep corners but usually they balance out again. Good hill though! I went out yesterday and although I wasn't feeling well on the bike. I remember looking ahead on one steep climb I was doing (10-13%) and thought, if you took a picture right really wouldn't do it justice.

Thanks for the report!!
re: Frenchtown populare: report in pictures.shopclass69
Oct 9, 2003 9:36 AM
hey from bucks co pa. anyway i can get a cue sheet for this ride? i've been on alot of these roads, but never in a loop like this. looks fun. thanks in advance b. btw -