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Will bikes cost less(7 posts)

Will bikes cost lesslotterypick
Oct 6, 2003 1:23 PM
Now that the Dura Ace 10 is out? Meaning, will Dura Ace 9 bikes and Ultegra bikes go down?

If bikes go down typically (end of year type of thing) when is that for them.

I'm looking to get my wife a road bike and want to be wary of those factors. THanks.
Before and after Christmas things slow down.the bull
Oct 6, 2003 1:46 PM
This is when there are the best deals.
Dont expect to find super deals on high end components.
There will be some good sales this winter though.
Probably notNo_sprint
Oct 6, 2003 1:47 PM
However, clearance is clearance. Now is the time to get your 2003 from what's in a shop's stock. Closeout time sometimes begins as early as late July.

While not reflected on their website, I recently got the CC catalog. 10 speed appears available now however it's not priced in the catalog. After doing a web search out of curiosity, it doesn't appear to be available anywhere and I could find no projected date or price.

So, that might mean that not many if any 10 speed build kits have arrived at shops for the 2004s. If that's the case, 10 speed might not be on many 2004s at all unless specially ordered or built.

That being said, I don't think you'll find any extraordinarily great prices on closeouts.
Dura Ace - yes; Ultegra - nolaffeaux
Oct 6, 2003 2:08 PM
Dura Ace bikes are already being sold at a discount. Retailers do not want to be stuck with 9 speed Dura Ace bikes after 10-speeds come out.

DA 10 bikes are shipping--DA 10 Pricesteoteoteo
Oct 6, 2003 2:33 PM
DA 10 bikes are already hitting my shop. We made a decision early on to limit orders of DA 9 bikes so were pretty good. Most smart shops hopefully did the same.

As for the groups get ready for sticker shock. Info below was stolen from, they claim Shimano is holding strong that only select e-tailers will be allowed to sell Shimano groups--Excel, CC, Performance, Nashbar and one more un-named. They also claim e tailers will have to sell at same MSRP shops do. A story I have heard from Shimano as well--who knows though as I can't see Shimano stopping gray market...

Shimano Dura Ace 10-speed pricing Brakeset (F&R) $224.99

10spd chain w/2 pins $30.49

10spd cassette, 11-21, 11-23 $143.99

10spd cassette, 12-21, 12-23, 12-25, 12-27 $161.99 (OUCH!!!)

10spd crank w/o BB10spd $365.99

10spd BB Unit $35.49

10spd Front Derailleur, 28.6 or 31.8 $81.99

10spd Front Derailleur, Bz-on $75.49

10spd Front Derailleur, Brz w/34.9 clamp $82.99

10spd Rear Hub $163.99

10spd Front Hub $101.99

10spd Rear Derailleur $114.99

10spd STI Levers $384.99

$1648.90 makes Record look cheapmhinman
Oct 7, 2003 6:12 AM
11-23 with clamp on front derailleur. Shimano previously had an advantage with cassette and chain replacement over Campy but they have jacked the prices to Campy levels.
how many of these bikes are there?ColnagoFE
Oct 6, 2003 2:23 PM
I mean full DA on a built up bike is probably not all that common. Usually it's a mix. And if you are building up a new one from a frameset you get to choose what you want anyway.