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Variations in frame measuring(2 posts)

Variations in frame measuringjrm
Oct 6, 2003 1:10 PM
Ok, Im 5'8" with a 32.25" inseam in shoes. I have a regular lenght upper torso and arms. I just recently purchased a 54cm bike measured BB center to top of the seat tube. The TT lenght is 55cm. When i decided to buy the bike i ran all the measurements through my head and they sounded fine.

So after some tweaking here and there to get a more refined fit i ended with 7"s of post showing and a seat/bar drop of 4.5" using a 110mm zero degree stem (puts me about 2"s behind the fork dropouts) and i have only 1/4" of spacer stack left. Yup too FOCKING small..dammit

So now im thinking about buying another frame and swapping parts. Im seriously thinking about going with a Curtlo steel frame this time around. All other geometry measurements being static, what does a frame measured BB center to top of seat post equate to with a frame measured BB center to TT center and BB center to TT top.
BB center to top of ST measurementB2
Oct 6, 2003 1:52 PM
Now that seems like a wierd way to measure a frame. I know, that's the way Trek does it. Still doesn't make much sense. Who is to say how much one mfgr vs. another has the ST sticking up above the TT?

If you want to know what size your bike correlates to in comparison to a frame measured c-t(TT) or c-c(TT), simply subtract the distance from top of your ST to the top of your TT (c-t) or the center of your TT (c-c).

With regards to your 4.5" drop to the bars, you need to compare the Head Tube lengths of the two frames.

Good Luck,