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What pedal positions work what muscle groups?(4 posts)

What pedal positions work what muscle groups?Ken of Fresno
Oct 6, 2003 9:32 AM
A while back someone posted a pic showing which muscle groups were worked at various positions in the pedal stroke. Anyone have that pic? Please post it again if so.

It's all legs...theBreeze
Oct 6, 2003 10:29 AM
Different pedalling positions may focus the work more on different lower body muscles, but unless you stick your hands in your shoes you aren't going to work a different GROUP.

In simplest form, the further back your butt is on the saddle, the more the focus will be on gluts and hams; more forward positions will stress quads. Standing requires more torso stabilization than sitting (duh) and will stress your lower back. Standing also focuses more work on quads, unless you really stick your butt out back over the saddle, which has ramifications for knee injury, so watch it.

If you want focused leg muscle training, go the the gym. Cycling in general over-develops the quads relative to gluts and hamstrings(your experience may vary). When cyclists come to me for strength traning I try to focus a little more work on muscles that oppose the quads.
Have you noticed...jstonebarger
Oct 6, 2003 11:51 AM
...a tendancy for cycling to develop the outer quads/vastus lateralis more than the inner quads (vastus medialis)? I ask because I've had trouble with improper patella tracking on one leg. The problem was overcome in part with straight leg raises to strengthen the vastus medialis. The PT I work with who had suggested the exercises (but knows little about cycling) speculated that cycling had created a muscualar imbalance...
Yes, pretty commontheBreeze
Oct 6, 2003 4:02 PM
Look at any photo of a fit cyclist and look at the muscle definition.