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slightly OT: first offroad duathlon 'race' report(6 posts)

slightly OT: first offroad duathlon 'race' reportJS Haiku Shop
Oct 6, 2003 6:29 AM
pulled the mtb out of mothballs (those were some angry moths!) saturday afternoon to get it ready for a sunday AM dirt duathlon. ah, i relish eleventh hour repairs and the thrill of a 4-minute test ride in the front yard. i did a couple 9" drops off the curb just to be sure nothing would fall off the bike. this was my third time on the mtb this year.

did the first 3 mile run in 23:08, or about 7:40 per mile. not to shabby for a slow fat guy running on lumpy dirt singletrack. i forgot that the guys at the front would be pushing 5-minute miles, and ruined my steady pace trying to hold the front 10 runners for a half mile. stoopid.

hit transition and my lap timer, but forgot to mark the end of transition on my watch, so i'm guessing it took around 45 seconds.

felt awesome on the 6.5-mile mtb; the first mile is quite hilly and technical, the rest mostly exposed rolling single- and doubletrack, some gravel roads, and a small bit of pave. pulled a small pack of mtbs through and out of the woods, across some rolly hills, then the "pack" fell apart on the 1/4-1/2 mile of gravel, where i hung it all out and got aero on the mtb :) . felt like eddy merckx there for a minute. pulled a couple loose, who would eventually leave me on the next (paved) uphill into the wind like yesterday's trash. finished the bike leg in about 29:53, or about 13 mph, and didn't even fall off the bike or hit a tree once.

transition 2 was uneventful and took about 50 seconds. the "transition area" consisted of a gravel parking lane along a few hundred yards of pavement where we'd start/finish each leg. there were no racks--ya just lay the bike down in the gravel.

the final 1-mile run was on the most technical section of the bike course, undulating singletrack with two good sets of up/downhills. somebody forgot to mention the wall i would hit after getting off the bike. what p!ss and vinegar i had pushing the big ring up hills quickly vaporized and i was left shuffling a 10:45 mile with what was in good humor a fair kick at the end.

TN2, specialtater, memphis cutter, and others came out to spectate. J2 was in attendance and rode the bike leg of a relay. guess his runner was in the weeds, 'cause it took him 'til the last 1/4 mile of the bike leg to catch me (i'm no mtb afficionado).

TN2's bandmate, M.Y., came out to race as well. we did most of the duathlon shoulder to shoulder, though he made me look like the ameteur runner i really am, as his run splits were pretty fast indeed (shameless excuse: i have a good 60 pounds on him). we finished the last run together in an all-out sprint for the line. he ran sitting in just behind me until about 300 yards out, then came around pretty fast, but i think he gave a little too much and had to reel it back in. with 100 yards to go i decided to crush his hopes of a 113th place (just kidding), but found that the faster i ran to pull him back, the faster he ran to not be pulled back by a slow fat guy. just when i was getting the tunnel vision and hearing elvis, the actual line in the dirt came into view, and from somewhere (i have no idea) my 'kick' found a 'kick' of its own, and i was able to pull off 112th place (or something highly competitive like that). it was a battle to the death.

had a great time at my first dirt duathlon and am enjoying these newfound running legs. big thanks to TN2 for the "10 weeks to certain injury" running program.

re: and ruined my steady pace trying to hold the front 10 runnerSteve_0
Oct 6, 2003 7:32 AM're NOT one of those guys who lines up beyond their abilities, are you? Nothing worse for the 6 minute milers who were behind you.

anyhoo, glad you enjoyed it
lining up not an issue here.....TNSquared
Oct 6, 2003 11:28 AM
J can answer for himself, of course, but I can assure you that it was not an issue here. Unlike alot of cross country events that have almost a "hole shot" to the trail head, or massive road race events where the field is lined up hundreds deep, everyone here had plenty of space to get out and into their pace before hitting the narrower trails. At the starting line, the field was no more than 2 or 3 deep and the course was wide, open road and fields for the first section. Besides, knowing J as I do I'm sure he wouldn't do anything so dunderheaded and inconsiderate as screwing up someone else's race by creating a running blockade at the start. Now, if there were 6 minute mile runners behind him for the second running leg, that is just either poor tactics and/or poor performance on the mtb on their part.

I know where you're coming from though. At the Chicago marathon a few years ago, I missed a milestone time goal by less than a minute after spending the first 6 miles at a pace more than 1 minute per mile slower than my goal - because I was behind much slower runners and walkers who clearly lined up beyond their abilities, despite clearly posted signs indicating where to line up for different pace.
lining up not an issue here.....Steve_0
Oct 6, 2003 11:38 AM
thanks for the clarification; Im sure J is a considerate racer; I was morso utilizing his statement to criticize those individuals than actually criticizing him.

Yeah, marathons are the worse based upon sheer number of ignorant novices.
re: slightly OT: first offroad duathlon 'race' reportJ2
Oct 6, 2003 7:34 PM
it was good to see you guys again! my running partner was just getting back into running so i was just glad she made it without having to walk. i think she came in around 29 minutes for the run. i ripped the mtb leg pretty good, just under 24 minutes. i had to pass 28 bikers before i finally found J and M.Y.. total bikers caught, 33. and my running partner was next behind you guys. she would have been the blonde you passed at the end. overall, it was a blast, just glad to be there and see you guys (J, M.Y., T, R, C). hopefully i can catch up to ya'll during cyclocross series!
re: slightly OT: first offroad duathlon 'race' reportJ2
Oct 6, 2003 7:36 PM
and oh yeah, greg, you were there too! sorry, just got home and i'm fried.