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Minoura rollers-is the Mag resistance feature worth buying?(3 posts)

Minoura rollers-is the Mag resistance feature worth buying?dawgcatchr
Oct 5, 2003 11:16 PM
I am going to purchase a set of Minoura rollers soon-I can get the standard rollers for $104 plus shipping, or the ones with the Mag resistance feature for $42 more. Is it worth the money? This will be my first set. I am looking to ride about 4 hours per week on them over the winter. At my current fitness level, I usually ride about 20 mph on most rides (not sure if that means resistance is useful or not). Thanks!
Mag resistance is a nice feature.Dale Brigham
Oct 6, 2003 7:42 AM

I have used Minoura rollers with the Mag resistance feature for two seasons (winters). I like the feature, since it adds the ability to vary resistance to the workout. Because I generally ride a fixed gear bike on the rollers, the mag unit is pretty much the only way I can vary resistance. Of course, on a derailleur-equipped bike, resistance can be increased by going to bigger (i.e., larger gear development) chainring/cog combo. The resistance range the unit provides is good, going from barely-there to more-than-I-can-take.

The only drawback to the Mag feature is that I have to get off the bike to change the resistance. That means that after a warm-up on the lowest resistance (which, by the way, is virtually identical to the resistance on the rollers when the unit is disconnected), I have to dismount to increase the resistance for a work interval and dismount again to lower it for the rest interval.

That limitation makes interval sessions with frequent changes (every minute or so) in training intensity impractical. Because of that, I only do long intervals (5 min. or so) on the mag rollers.

Of course, if I had a willing assistant to move the little lever on the Mag unit (I bet Cipo has a bevy of Italian beauties standing by for just such circumstances), it would be no problem. Alas, my lovely wife is usually occupied on her trainer, pedaling away herself while I do my little dismount/remount dance.

Overall, given that minor drawback, I think the Mag unit is a good feature. I hope this helps you make a decision.

Oct 6, 2003 12:24 PM
That is a good price. I have also been shopping for rollers. About the best i can find the Minoura with mag resistance is $190 including shipping.

I would love to know where your deal is found.