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Fuji roadbike or Specialized roadbike(4 posts)

Fuji roadbike or Specialized roadbikekillian
Oct 5, 2003 7:47 PM
I'm trying to decide between 2 comparably equipped bikes. Pls let me know if you guys can offer any wisdom on brand preference. Is there really any difference from brand to brand?

re: Fuji roadbike or Specialized roadbikedgangi
Oct 5, 2003 10:04 PM
I'm not sure which Fuji or Specialized bike you are comparing, but there *should* be a significant difference in price if the bikes are equipped the same -- the Fuji should cost much less.

After doing a LOT of research, I just purchased a 2003 Fuji Team for $995. It is a full Ultegra bike -- very light (16.7 pounds) -- with everything else made by Ritchey. A comparable Specialized Allez would run about $1600 or more. This bike has been absolutely fantastic so far -- very happy with my purchase decision (search the message boards for "Fuji Team" if you want to see a photo).

Specialized make great bikes and have a very large dealer network. But the Fuji bikes seem as well built and have an excellent parts spec for the price. The only downside I can tell with the Fuji is that the dealer network is much smaller, so warranty work on the Fuji could be a bigger problem since you might need to deal with the manufacturer directly (almost every locale has a Specialized dealer).

re: Fuji roadbike or Specialized roadbikekillian
Oct 5, 2003 11:27 PM
'03 Fuji Newest (Tiagra equipped) for $610 (brand new) or '01 Specialized Allez A1 (like new but used) for $450. Which would you go for?
Thanks for the reply!
re: Fuji roadbike or Specialized roadbikelyleseven
Oct 6, 2003 7:42 AM
You didn't mention how the Specialized is equpped. The low end Fuji bikes are marginal. Further up the line you go, the better they get. If Specialized has something better than Tiagra, its a no brainer. If they are the same, ride both of them. At this level, neither of them is going to make you feel like Lance....