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around the world ride(3 posts)

around the world ridebrad nicholson
Oct 5, 2003 5:07 PM
has anyone on here trully ridden around the world? i am in the planning stages now for such a project to begin next winter. financing, route, etc... just wanting to share some ideas.
re: around the world rideTmw
Oct 6, 2003 5:31 AM
Sounds fantastic. What sort of bike are you planning to use? My girlfriend and I recently cycled down the east coast of Australia. It was fantastic, we started in Cairns, followed the 4wd track up to Cooktown then back inland to the Atherton Tablelands. On down the coast to Brisbane, up onto the Great Dividing range and finally down through the hunter valley into Sydney. Next trip will be in Asia somewhere and it would be great to go back to oz & accross the bottom or up the west coast although this would be a more serious undertaking.
I have a Thorn nomad ( and she had a normal steel tourer (john atkins).
My point, she has a book about a couple of Australians who cycled all the continents, the started accross the bottom of Oz. I'll get the name of the book for you. Also I saw an article somewhere about a guy who'd cycled Oz to UK (25000 miles)
Finally I go to a set of outdoor lectures here in Bristol UK and there is one in a week or two all about cycle down North & South America. Check out the website at:
The guy doing the cycling one is called Hallum Murrey I think.
Good luck & looking forward to hearing about it sometime.
re: around the world ridebrad nicholson
Oct 6, 2003 8:17 PM
i am looking at a bruce gordon cycles model, they are quite beefy. as i said i am tenatively in the planning process and have to have it all locked to present to my work for the time off. i'll be in germany permanently for the next three-five years if you want to hop across the channel for a bit. i'd like to find a serious touring partner.
ps. email is