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Old rear derailleur and chainrings w/ 04 Dura Ace?(3 posts)

Old rear derailleur and chainrings w/ 04 Dura Ace?Tahoe Gator
Oct 4, 2003 1:55 PM
I like the fit of the new Dura Ace shift/brake levers and am wondering if I can switch just the shifters, chain, and rear cassette. In other words, will the older Dura Ace derailleur work on 10 speeds and will the chain ride okay on 9-speed chainrings?
re: May work, but not as wellteoteoteo
Oct 4, 2003 5:42 PM
After getting my hands on the new DA I was impressed with how much stiffer the rear der. spring is on the 10. The shifter however has a nice, light action. I can't help but believe the nice improved shifting comes from both shifter and der.

As a side note last year Specialized tried to get cute and spec'd old XTR on the new XTR shifters. I tried the new shifters and with old der. and hated them. I wrote them off as crap but a few weeks later I rode a bike with the new shifters and new der and it was a complete reversal.
Nope....not from what I've read...coonass
Oct 6, 2003 5:36 PM
About the only thing you will be able to salvage from a 9sp setup are the brakes...the articles that I've read indicate that the chain is narrower than the 9sp, and requires the front/rear derailleur and naturally everything else. I think you can get almost everything from Total Cycling (they're waiting on the shifters) for under $1000 + shipping; that will include the shifters; less hubs and brakes...lots of money for adding 1 cog and styling...if it shifts any better than my DA group now, it'll have to shift via mental telepathy....(I'm always amazed how smooth, quick and sure my DA group shifts)....