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Rim Drive Trainers?(2 posts)

Rim Drive Trainers?5spd
Oct 4, 2003 7:19 AM
I'm looking at getting a trainer to keep bike fit over the winter and I've been looking at the Taxc trainers at my LBS, but I also found some good deals on Minoura 850 rim drive trainers. I've never seen a rim drive trainer before and I guess the obvious advantage is no tire wear but what about rim wear? I would think that rim wear would be more critical than tire wear, so does anyone have anyone have any experience with rim trainers? What kind of rim wear can I expect? Thanks
The rim won't wear....russw19
Oct 4, 2003 11:26 AM
I have been using one on my mountain bike for years. I like the rim drive so that I can leave the knobbys on and still use the trainer. The rim won't wear. There is a rubber cushion that the rim rides against for the tension. The metal of your rim is harder than the rubber of the trainer, so the rubber will wear and your rim won't. And yes, I do realize that brake pads cause rims to wear, but brake pads are much much harder than the rubber part of this trainer, and it's usually the grit that gets trapped in your brake pads that causes that wear anyways.

It's a pretty nice trainer as far as far as mag trainers go. I also have a fluid trainer and I like it better because it's more quite and smoother, but it also gets really hot and will burn you if you touch it.