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Repainting / Touch Ups(2 posts)

Repainting / Touch Upsebroil
Oct 3, 2003 5:25 PM
Recently, I had my bike shipped. Unfortunately, the packer was negligent, and rather than packing it, it was simply disassembled and placed in a box.

As a result, the paint has come chips and scratches that I'd like to take out. (It is a two tone Klein with grey fading to white.) The Klein site indicates that it is possible to reorder more of the original paint (of course, touch ups in the fading two-tone area would be difficult if not impossible. However, I have no experience with paints. Is there anyone in Manhatta (where I am now) who can handle painting? Any other suggestions?

re: Repainting / Touch UpsSpoke Wrench
Oct 4, 2003 4:45 AM
You have three alternatives.

The high end solution is to have the whole bike repainted.

I think that trying to touch up the nicks on a fade paint job is going to be impossible. If the touch up paint doesn't match the surrounding area perfectly (and it won't) you might as well use screaming yellow paint. Your eye will be drawn to the touch up patches.

The low tech solution is clear. I keep a bottle of clear nail polish in my shop. It doesn't hide the nick, but it covers the metal and doesn't call attention to itself. I own a nivacrom steel tandem with shadeshifter paint. It has several clear nail polish touch ups but I doubt anybody but me ever notices.