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Fleece and cold weather riding question.(4 posts)

Fleece and cold weather riding question.cydswipe
Oct 3, 2003 5:19 PM
I've been looking at warmer clothing for cold weather cycling. Doesn't ALL fleece wick moisture and keep you warm? I can't believe Nike, P.Izumi, or Giordana have some corner on the fleece market. Some clothing has fleece lining and claims to wick. Some has fleece but makes no such claims. Is there a difference I should be aware of?
All fleece is not 'wicking' fleece...coonass
Oct 3, 2003 6:17 PM
The best known (& original) breathable fleece is manufactured by Malden Mills but other Mfgrs. have jumped on the bandwagon with 'fleece', but the majority doesn't breathe; just retains the heat and moisture while making you miserable....Which Brand (& Model) of high-tech clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable will vary from individual to individual and from temperature to temperature....some sweat more, some sweat less; some can tolerate the cold better than others, some like to keep their shoulders warm, others worry about the arms; fingers; feet; etc., etc....we're all different. Layering is the best solution and don't dress 'comfortably warm' to begin your ride.....(15 minutes into the ride, and you'll be getting hot)....'under-dress' for beginning your ride; wear arm-warmers with or without a light, breathable jacket as you can take them off easily if you begin to get hot....Rule of thumb: the gooooood stuff costs $$$$$$. (ASSOS makes some high quality goodies, but very $$$$$$$) Either do some research and learn about performance fabrics, or stick with the name brands and read their labels carefully....When the temps get <50°F, spread a light coating of Vaseline (or A&D) on your hands and face, from the cheeks down to your chin....(don't put any on your nose, or your glasses will slide down) This will help protect the skin.
All fleece is not 'wicking' fleece...JimP
Oct 4, 2003 10:56 AM
The layering technique is the best for cold weather. I like to wear a sleevless mesh polypro undershirt next to the skin. I bought a Nike brand but there are many more now available. The mesh polypro does wick the moisture quite well and keeps the jersey from touching the chest area for insulation. Just adding the undershirt seems to work well for weather 50-70 degrees. A wind vest words well for colder weather. Arms and legs help but when it is really cold, polypro long-johns under tights and layers on top work well for me.

All fleece is not 'wicking' fleece...MikeBu
Oct 4, 2003 9:30 PM
I have the Pearl Izumi Kodiak jersey, Barrier Vest, and Barrier Jacket and really like them. The Barrier Vest is great for winter mountain biking and I spent last winter commuting with the Barrier Jacket here in Seattle. Alot of mail order places were blowing out last years models of these recently...