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My new biking digital camera(5 posts)

My new biking digital cameraspookyload
Oct 2, 2003 8:11 PM
I was at Walmart of all places and saw this camera. You will want one for biking when you see it. It is a Casio 3.2 megapixel EX-S3 Exilim camera. It was a must purchase the second I saw it. The size is about the same size as a deck of cards, only not as thick. It looks like 35 playing cards stacked up. Very thin and very small. It is less noticable than a cliff bar in your pocket. My old digital was huge and clunky, so taking it out was an ordeal. With this I can take it on centuries and group rides and never notice it. It is very cool!! Here is a link to it:
It takes good pictures...PeterRider
Oct 2, 2003 8:25 PM
...and has plenty of nice functions.

only drawbacks: it doesn't have a zoom, and although the screen is quite large the resolution is not very high.

If you plan to keep it all the time in your pocket, get something to put it in, otherwise you will have dust inside the LCD.

It takes good pictures...CFBlue
Oct 3, 2003 5:41 AM
I've got a similar camera camera, a Minolta Dimage XT. It does have a zoom lense as well as a digital zoom function. It has a rechrgable battery that holds a good charge and what more could you want? A tripod that is small, light and capable of being velcro strapped to the bars... got that too, though it is not from minolta
Fits in an altoids tin?WrigleyRoadie
Oct 3, 2003 8:09 AM
It might have been Pentax that marketed the altoids tin idea, but not a bad idea if it works... a little protection from the elements on a ride. Cool camera, I'm in the market myself. Post some results soon!
pentax optio is sold in an altoids tin (nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 3, 2003 8:37 AM