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do u buy a frame w/ a new innovation or w8 till tried &true?(2 posts)

do u buy a frame w/ a new innovation or w8 till tried &true?ET
Oct 2, 2003 9:00 AM
Even though they already have a winner, companies frequently change things and make it sound like the new frame is far superior to the previous model: "new for this year is a triple-butted, oversized, elliptical [whatever-]tube that increases stiffness while maintaining maximal comfort." Problem is, when they tinker with success, they sometimes kill the product: now it's too noodly, or too unforgiving, or whatever, and you're a sucker out $3000.

What do you do? Take your chances? Wait till a year when a winner has no real change? Or what?
Never seen anything but incremental improvements...Cory
Oct 2, 2003 10:21 AM
Personally, I plan to keep the Atlantis until I'm old and feeble. Back in my trend-following days, though, I spent a lot of money on innovations and breakthroughs that were barely perceptible in use.
It's still going on, too. I posted a question a few weeks ago looking for advice for a new frame for a friend of mine, whose old lugged steel bike fell off his car-top rack. I was arguing for a Rambouillet or Romulus. He bought an Ultegra-equipped Litespeed instead. After 500 miles, he says, "It's better than my 22-year-old Bridgestone . . . but it's not a LOT better."
Anyway: I can't imagine what could happen now that would be enough of a breakthrough for me to stop using the bike I have. Even if somebody came up with a completely weightless frame material (just to pick a fantasy), what would it save you? Four pounds? I can lose that in a week for free.