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What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?(21 posts)

What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?benja15
Oct 2, 2003 8:08 AM
It's getting cold here, and i would like to ride over the winter. What would you reccomend? Is there a big difference between the $20 ones and the $50 ones?
Performance, PYI, whatever is cheappmf1
Oct 2, 2003 8:13 AM
They're all basically the same thickness of neoprene, so I just use whatever is cheap. If you ride a lot in the winter (barring any snow), they'll be trashed by Spring, so why buy expensive ones?
Warmest ones I could find: Trek Neoprin with rubber sole. nmKristin
Oct 2, 2003 8:16 AM
Gore tex windstopper ones are nice but..the bull
Oct 2, 2003 8:38 AM
The damn zippers can break!
re: What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?FTMD
Oct 2, 2003 8:47 AM
I use the Spokes brand from Excel. Super warm and comfy. Might be overkill for cool days but rock on cold ones.
just make sure they're the warm kindsET
Oct 2, 2003 9:26 AM
i.e., somewhat thicker ones with fleece-lined neoprene. After all, numb toes are not fun. Many brand name covers are superslim aerodynamic thongs whose thickness is inversely proportional to the price and which work only when the temperature is between 42 and 45 degrees during the climbing phase of a time trial. Assuming, that is, you didn't first dislocate your shoulder trying to get those things on.

Also, even with covers that are warm enough, has anyone noticed that you often need like a size 14 to fit your size 11.5 shoes?
Be glad you aren't in my shoesoff roadie
Oct 2, 2003 9:35 AM
I've got size 13.5 (49) feet, and I've never seen a shoe cover that will work for me. I just use shoes big enough for thick / muyltiple socks, ideally wicking ones under warm ones with some windblock ability (neoprene, some fleeces). Plain heavy wool over summer riding socks is a suprisingly good combo too.
Mostly I limit my riding time. I commute year round, but its a 20 minute ride, tops. I sometimes go out MTB riding for 40-60 minuts in the snow and ice, but I generally keep it to short hops if the temps are below 35, and don't do any non-commute riding below 10.
Help for big feetPsalm 147-10_11
Oct 3, 2003 6:19 AM
I too have a big foot: Sidi size 50, actually.

After years of blowing out the back zippers on shoe covers, I have discovered one that works. The back is elasticized and pulls over the shoe. It stretches over my big shoes and works great. I highly recommend it.§ion=AC&subsection=009&style_no=1083010
how do we guess the size breakdown?ET
Oct 3, 2003 11:17 AM
S,M,L,XL. Like we're supposed to know that L is, say, 45-47?
Home made are hard to beat for cost and warmth.MB1
Oct 2, 2003 9:38 AM
Here is the link.

MB1 "The best all around booties I have ever made." 1/2/03 11:33am
Just curious-CritLover
Oct 2, 2003 10:47 AM
1. Does rustoleum come in black?
2. Have you ever tried using over the whole sock for extra wind protection?

I don't have the blood circulation you have and would really suffer with only a sock's thickness under 40 degrees. I love the idea though, neoprene booties really are just too bulky.

Oct 2, 2003 11:42 AM

Using our home made booties over our regular cycling shoes and wearing smart wool socks our feet were find down to 5 degrees F (that is as cold as it got here last winter). Still there is no reason not to try coating almost all of the outer sock/bootie-homemade booties are cheap enough to experiment with.
Oct 2, 2003 11:48 AM
I forget shoes altogether in the winter. Sandels with a pair THICK wool sox is plenty warm well 30. an added layer of socks for below that.
re: What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?PMC
Oct 2, 2003 9:58 AM
I really like my PI AmFib covers. Good down to 25-30 degrees with a pair of wool socks. If the temp is much below that, I'm a puss and ride the trainer.
Pi AmFib's, too . . .ms
Oct 2, 2003 10:51 AM
I have had good luck with them down to about 25 degrees (Like PMC I stay inside below 25). The only problem with them is that although they are water resistant, they are not waterproof. In other words, they will keep your feet dry if you have a little rain or ride through a puddle or slush, but if you have persistent rain, the water will penetrate after 30 minutes or so.
re: What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?Hot Carl
Oct 2, 2003 10:08 AM
I have three pair. One pair of neoprene Hind, a pair of windstopper Santini's and a new pair of Exte Ondo Windstopper booties.

The Hind booties are durable and I like having a big strip of velcro on the side as a closure. They can make your feet sweat with moisture though. For more durability, I put a layer of Shoe-Goo on the heels.

The Santini's are light and windproof, but the soles will wear and tear out as soon as you try to talk in them.

I haven't had a chance to wear the Exte Ondo pair. I chose them because they have a more durable sole. The problem is sometimes the when the zipper is right at the back, it can dig into your achilles tendon and lower calf.
Performance neoprenevindicator
Oct 2, 2003 10:14 AM
Got them on sale for $20 or so and they've done alright by me.
zippers always broke on mineColnagoFE
Oct 2, 2003 12:28 PM
After going through 3 pairs of Performance brand I went to Excel and bought a pair of their cheaper neoprene ones "SpokesWear" and they have held up very well.
i'm on my 3rd year with these, with extensive winter riding...JS Haiku Shop
Oct 2, 2003 10:48 AM
extensive over this last winter.

wrecked in them in january/february, they took a little slice up the top, then proceeded to hold up for another 1000 miles (at which point it warmed up and i put them in the drawer).

to get really warm toes:

* remove the shoe insole and put duct tape over the holes where the cleats attach (on the inside).

* wear wool or wool/synthetic socks. woolie boolie and PI xstatic have worked well for me. i'm not convinced on the smartwool, though.

* most importantly...chemical warmers. can be had at $1.25-$2.00 per pair from home depot, lowes, or whatever you have locally. can probably be bought online, too. these things are 100% cold weather GOLD.

* also, i picked up some cannondale windproof/waterproof oversocks (between shoes and socks) early this year. they were at an outlet store, cost next to nothing, and made my cold weather rides (especially the extended 13+ hour days) more "enjoyable".
Different typesboneman
Oct 2, 2003 12:20 PM
It depends on the temperature. I use the Pearl AmFibs, the model from a couple of years ago. They're okay unless it's wet. When it's wet or colder, I go with neoprene. I have Giordana's in two different types and thicknesses (most are 3mm or 5mm neoprene). Pro-Vision in 5mm and just recently bought a pair of Assos booties which are supposedly waterproof. We shall see. PYI's are good value but I don't find the rubber bottom to be a great fit. Lot's of new booties out each year and the materials continue to improve. The best pair I've seen, in terms of cold protection, are the Carnac Titaniums. Pretty awesome material and construction.

As for cost, more expensive one's generally are cut a bit better and the method of construction is of higher quality. This all means nothing when you come off your bike at speed and shred them.

The key is how they fit, especially if you go neoprene. They should fit snuggly around the uppers and the sole. Some of them may require a bit of recutting around the cleat area and it's worth stitching up, burning the nylon, etc. to make the opening durable.

Another tactic is shoes slightly larger than your normal size and using windblocker socks. I went this route of a few years and it does work. Further, you can also continue to use booties and remain warm in the colder conditions.

Last season I bought a pair of Northwave Husky winter shoes. They have their quirks but they work and as a result, I no longer go with the larger shoe/windblocker sock combo.

One thing, like in the heat, everyone's needs are different in the cold. Experiment first on the cheap and when you find something that works, stick with it.
re: What shoe covers do you use for winter road riding?geckotb
Oct 2, 2003 12:22 PM
i've been using an older version of these for the last 5 years and i commute all year, snow or dry. when it gets down to about -20C i put on an extra pair of socks in my shoes and they've always been warm enough.

I don't know if you're in canada or not, but if not, you can mail order these anywhere in the world.