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wheel reliability and customer service(1 post)

wheel reliability and customer servicecharlieboy
Oct 2, 2003 3:37 AM
Is it just me?

I read with interest various correspondents' glowing reports of customer service when wheel manufacturer A, B or C speedily replaces parts x, y & z when they fail. This failure usually arising after not a lot of use.

Isn't the first responsibility of the manufacturer to make wheels that don't fail in the first place?

Whenever I read about speedy response to problems I just cross that manufacturer off my (ever shrinking!) list of dream wheelsets. I know it's nice that the manufacturers do the right thing when matters go wrong, but they shouldn't go wrong in the first place.

FWIW I ride

Campy Zondas - bomb proof, haven't required truing or hub service in a year (3000 miles), go as fast as I can pedal them, I can out-freewheel anyone (probably because I am a big bugger!)

Mavic MA3 on Campy Veloce - had for ages with no worries

Rigida Contour - cheap, and it probably shows, in the mushy braking surface (now crossed off list!)

Hoping not to start a flame war, Charlie