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IT Band Injury/HELP!!!!!(13 posts)

IT Band Injury/HELP!!!!!Liza
Oct 1, 2003 2:19 PM
I've had IT Band Injury now over a year. Started out as right lateral knee pain & tight right glut muscle. I'm using speed-play cleats with full float. Now, my right hip hurts while riding and after I ride. Seen Sports medicine Orthopedic surgeon & did X-rays. X-rays showed how my knees look knocked-kneed (Opposite of bow-legged). Basically, my knees turn inward, but you wouldnt be able to tell by seeing them while I'm walking. I feel like my knees are probably turning inward while I'm in motion cycling causing an over-pronation problem. This is putting stress on the outside of my knee & my right hip area. Do I need orthodics or wedges or the Look pedals with the longer spindles? How does this sound to anybody? What do you all suggest? Also, who do you recommend as far as really good bicycle-fitter in Atlanta or in the Southeast area? Please write me back with all your expertise!!!!!!
Rest it and stretch.Humma Hah
Oct 1, 2003 2:29 PM
What fixed mine was about 3 months of keeping rides down to 30 miles or less, and doing stretches I found at the Rice University website. This one really helped:
Oct 1, 2003 2:38 PM
I can't really help you with medical advice. I had ITBS two years ago and discovered it had to do with a pair of SPD pedals I was using. (Whenever I used them on a hard ride, the ITBS comes back, so I just got rid of them.) I found an ITBS group in Yahoo that is very active. You can find and join the group by searching on ITBS from Yahoo. Good luck!
My knee pain went away after switching pedals too...Lon Norder
Oct 1, 2003 4:58 PM
My knee pain went away almost immediately after switching from Shimano SPD type pedals to Time ATAC pedals on my commute bike. No knee pain with Look pedals too.
I had Shimano SPD's toKristin
Oct 2, 2003 6:00 AM
Old Ultegra's...pre-6600 model. Heavy as sin. They'll be seen on Ebay soon.
re: IT Band Injury/HELP!!!!!LIBoy
Oct 1, 2003 3:28 PM
Hello Liza,
I thought I'd chime in as I have not only dealt with some ITB trouble myself at one time, but, have also done many fittings for riders with this problem. As with any problem, the potential remedies should be tried from less radical/expensive to more. In that order, the solutions are as follows:
1. Make sure that your speedplay cleats are positioned as far "in" as possible and correctly posioned fore and aft on your shoe. ("in" means closer to the cranks,feet wider) This often helps because the narrower position of the feet strains the outside of the knee, and women are especially prone due to typically wider pelvic bones.
2. A "wedge" which slightly raises the arch of your foot, putting more pressure on the outside of your shoe. Specialized makes a shoe that does just that. (They cured me)
3. Try wider pedal spindles. Speedplay will send your favorite shop pedal axles that are longer than standard in 1/4 inch increments. The spindles are easily changed by the shop)This accomplishes to a greater degree what we hoped to achieve with #1
4. Change to a pedal that limits float. Excessive float can "allow" toes to point in too much causing this pain. If you like the dual-sidedness, cornering clearance of speedplay, try the zeroes and limit the float.
Another very common reliever of this problem is to stretch the aductors (the muscles on the inside of your thigh) When these muscles are tight, they pull on the quad and make the ITB tighter. The best I've found is extending the leg straight out from your side with the hips parallel to the leg, and gently leaning toward the foot. I hope this helps.
Same Problem Runningpeter in NVA
Oct 1, 2003 4:19 PM
Had IT Syndrome for years during my running period. I over pronate and my knees are "knocked kneeded". Rigid orthotics were marginally helpfull. Totally went away when started biking with toe clips and straps and came right back with a vengence with first try at clipless with no float. Went to Speedplay and never had problems since.
re: IT Band Injury/HELP!!!!!Liza
Oct 3, 2003 2:11 PM
Dear LlBoy-
How can I get in touch with you? Where do you live? I need to talk to you. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Can you do a bike-fit on me? Or can you recommend someone near me? If you wouldnt mind, can I call you & talk to you about what to do. I've had this IT Band now for over a year & I'm over it!!!!!! I would rather talk to you over the phone instead of E-Mailing you back & forth. If you wouldnt mind E-Mail me back with a phone # & I will get in touch with you.
Thanks for you informative reply!!!!!!
lisa weaver
"LIBoy/how can I contact you?"Liza
Oct 6, 2003 12:43 PM
Dear LIBoy-
I'm trying to get in touch with you over the phone about my injury. You have given me more input on treating my IT Band injury than anybody else. Please write me back with a phone # if you dont mind. I would really like to talk to you about this over the phone. I hope you dont mind!!!! My name is Lisa & my E-Mail address is
You can E-Mail me back!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!
Hope to hear back from you soon!!!!!
lisa weaver
LIBoy-How do I contact you?Liza
Oct 13, 2003 6:14 AM
LIBoy- Been trying to get in touch with you about asking you some questions about my IT Band injury. You seem to know a lot about this. Need your advice!!!! Please E-Mail me I would like to call you or E-Mail you.
you may also have a tight TFL, gluteus minimus & piriformispowergyoza
Oct 1, 2003 5:39 PM
Massage with a tennis ball, then stretching of these muscles really helped my ITBS. Lie with back on floor, knees bent. Place tennis ball underneath your toosh and search for sore,tense & painful areas. Hold ball underneath any sore areas for 60 sec. each.

I worked my tensor fascia lata really well by using a broomstick or wooden rod. Sitting on a chair, I look for my TFL by lifting my leg slightly while I look for the muscle that contracts where my leg meets my torso. Lower the leg and take the end of the broomstick and push it HARD into the muscle. I vary the entry point and angle to find the sorests points.

I have to thank for helping me with my ITBS. Their e-book "the pain free triathlete" is simply a must-have.

Icing all these areas is really good too.
Friction Message worked for meAcesFull
Oct 2, 2003 5:46 AM
Have you tried friction massage? Friction message (read, friction torture) and stretching cured mine. In fact, they are the only things that really worked. Two months of NSAIDs and RICE didn't do much for me. Deep friction massage is rather uncomfortable. It's a searing pain that can take your breath the first time.

Another help is to lie down on your side and put a tennis ball under the knee that hurts. Rock back and forth on this tennis ball. Again, it hurts the first few times, but it feels better afterwards.

I used to ride Speedplays. It's my belief that Speedplay's float compounded my ITBFS. I believe that I had to use my kneed to stablize my large foot float. I have moved to SPD-SL (yellow cleat). After meticulously dialing-in a cleat position, my knees have been much happier.

As far as fitting in Atlanta, Michelle at Free Flite in Canton is fantastic. It's not cheap, but it is the best $75 I have ever spent on my bike.

Tell 'em Aces sent ya.
ITBS survivorJS Haiku Shop
Oct 2, 2003 6:08 AM
was off the bike a couple months last year with very painful ITBS on the right knee. went through quite a few PT sessions and ortho visits; they said it was a "biomechanical" problem. this was finally resolved with lots of stretching, deep tissue massage, icing, rest, and strengthening of the "antagonist" muscles--those used but also allowed to fall by the wayside with extensive single-activity movement (cycling, but not strengthening secondary and associated muscles in the gym or with specific/targeted exercises at home, or through running/etc.). half of this was done in PT sessions, the other half at home per their instructions. home equivalent of professional equipment for the job =

* stretching religiously. be one with the pretzel.

* knee ITB area massage with (believe it or not) wooden rolling pin, skin prepped with baby oil

* deep area massage with ice: styrofoam cups filled with water put in freezer. peel to expose ice when used.

* icing with crushed/cubed ice in plastic bag. extensively.

* rest

also i wore a cho-pat strap (actually a series of cho-pat supports) on the knee to isolate the ITB and relieve the pain somewhat. this at least got me back on the bike while i was working to resolve the causal factors.

on the pedals, i took it upon myself at some point in the whole thing to suggest to the doc & PT that i change from black (fixed) to red (float) look cleats. they agreed. i did so, but the extensive (compartively) clipping-out motion required due to having more float meant i was stressing the alignment of my kneecap, and had to go for yet more PT and "realignment" to correct this second issue. went back to black cleats and no problems.

ITBS can be a chronic problem, but with regular stretching, icing when appropriate, and with caution in pushing too far too soon, it can be managed in a way that will allow you to remain active, mostly unaffected. i went from pain after one pedal stroke to riding double centuries and a 6000-mile year in the same 12 month period.

none of this is "medical advice" from a professional. get thee to a good PT (suggest sports & occupational therapy practice, preferably where the doc & pt are avid runners or cyclists). IMHO fitting & fit kits are overrated.

good luck and let us know if you have success.