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Topolino Wheels Review and Dura Ace 10spd(1 post)

Topolino Wheels Review and Dura Ace 10spdCARBON110
Oct 1, 2003 10:52 AM
I had the chance to bang around on these today :) I am impressed by DA 10spd. Its smooth and the shifters especially seem to be very practical. Although any Dura Ace 9 or 10 is smooth out of the box...providing someone who knows how to set it up right does the job. I will keep my 9spd on my training bike for sure since its more then adequate but I look forward to my Madone with the 10spd to really compare. However, for those of you who are not buying a new bike in the next 6 months, Im not sure its worth getting rid of the 9 for 10 right away...I wouldnt.

Topolino wheels: I have been really looking forward to seeing these wheels. High spoke count, crossed spokes for increased stiffness, and carbon/kevlar spokes! They were about as stiff as a plastic soup container you get when you order "to go". The spokes are wider then Kysr. spokes so Im sure with a wind they you will feel them. Where the spokes meets the rim looks to be anti aero nipples. They are robust. Larger then any spoke nipples I have seen. The brake surface was incredible as was the width of the wheel itself. It seemed to be the same size as any Mavic or Bontrager rim and looked very durable. The spokes must be light to get the kinda weight they come in and the Hubs looked like thermoplastic without being shiney. Better wheels out there but at least not everyone is making a super slim rim :)