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Is my rain jacket history ???(2 posts)

Is my rain jacket history ???lazy8
Oct 1, 2003 5:02 AM
I just noticed that the taped seams of my beloved rain jacket are pealing away. Can the seams be repaired or retaped? I use this jacket for my commute and would like to hang on to it for a few more years if possible.

Thanks in advance
Probably not worth the dough to repairKristin
Oct 1, 2003 5:08 AM
You'd have to pay a tailor to tear out the seams and resew them. They'll charge you at least $25 for a job like that. How much is a new rain jacket? You could pick-up a bottle of seam sealer from a REI and try that. I recommend REI's house brand seam sealer, the applicator tip is really handy. I've found that brands like Kenyon are messy and waistful. Just don't leave it in the sun or in your car. Its really sensitive to heat. (I left mine in my rack trunk on the bike in the car and it leaked all over everything in the trunk. ewww.)