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about the world's in Hamilton, I took exception to(7 posts)

about the world's in Hamilton, I took exception tojiggs
Sep 29, 2003 4:12 PM
Boneman's comment below that " it's all about the money" so here is a couple of points.
To see the climbs,(Beckett or Claremont) yes you need a silver ticket, there are no stands but standing only.
The grandstands are only at the start/finish and you need a gold ticket, I believe your ticket determines where you will sit in the grandstand. Any other point on the course is free and there are a lot of good spots for instance at the bottom of the James Mt. street where they will come down at about 90kph. I don't mean to be a wise ass but this is pretty outstanding to have the world's in a small city like Hamilton. Steve Bauer, Neil Lumsden have had to climb a lot of hills to bring it this far and they deserve a lot of credit. What's 50 bucks to watch the mens world's RR.
re: about the world's in Hamilton, I took exception toChainstay
Sep 29, 2003 4:59 PM
I never saw any information that said you need a silver ticket to see the climbs? Is this on the web site? Will they control access? Do you think that the elite mens race will be crowded and that you will need to arrive early to get good spots?

My money is on Ullrich.
check here for more info,jiggs
Sep 29, 2003 5:15 PM
Yes they will let 2000 only up the Beckett Dr. area and only when someone comes down will they allow someone else up in that silver standing area. This is the hardest climb.
I don't know how many they will let up Claremont as it is a much larger area, but overall it doesn't look like they are going to get that large a crowd. It is hard to know. BTW I live at the bottom of Beckett Dr. so could try to answer any questions.
check here for more info,koala
Sep 30, 2003 2:31 AM
Coming in from the fingerlakes, where is a good place to stay? I dont mind driving 30 to 45 minutes in race day.
check here for more info,Canadian Guy
Sep 30, 2003 6:32 AM
You may want to stay in the Niagara Region area, there are quite a number of hotel/motels along the QEW Highway that leads to Hamilton. The QEW is the highway leading from the US border in Niagara Falls that goes through the Niagara Region and by Hamilton and the traffic at this end isn't bad. From Niagara area to Hamilton is 30 to 40 minute drive. If you are staying long and bringing your bike there is great riding in the Niagara Region area. The St.Catharines area may be your best area to look for a hotel/motel as I've heard the closer to Hamilton the more fully booked the hotels, Niagara Falls may even be an option although it would be further a drive (50 minutes to Hamilton). I live in Niagara so post any further questions and I would be happy to respond.
more info needed, when are you arriving, how many, whatjiggs
Sep 30, 2003 1:37 PM
class accomodation are you looking for, how many nights. I know Steve Bauer tours have many rooms reserved for attendees but are not booking them so there are more rooms available than you think. You could email me here if you want me to look around.
re: about the world's in Hamilton, I took exception toupandcomer
Sep 29, 2003 5:42 PM
Ullrich's season is done, dude.