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Entry Level Suggestions?(8 posts)

Entry Level Suggestions?Hood Rider
Sep 29, 2003 12:09 PM
I'm looking for an upgrade from my Schwinn and I'd like to spend something around $700 or less. Primary use is commuting with some 10-15 mile rides on the weekends. I've been looking at the Trek T1000 but I don't know much about other bikes in that range. Any suggestions/remarks are welcome.
re: Entry Level Suggestions?No_sprint
Sep 29, 2003 1:25 PM
Supergo is selling a Scattante 7003 T6 alu bike w/105 group for $795. More than your posted budget by $95. I'd say it's a good entry level bike. Probably not what I'd buy for a commuter, but I wouldn't commute on a Trek either, but probably good bang for your buck.
Sep 29, 2003 1:38 PM
Ibex is selling a 7005 w/Sora, dtube shifters and side pulls for something like $379.
Look at a Fuji TouringContinental
Sep 29, 2003 1:55 PM
It's in your price range and would be a good choice. It's more rugged than the race design road bikes, has slightly wider tires, but is not a tank.
re: Entry Level Suggestions?lyleseven
Sep 29, 2003 3:14 PM
Raleigh and Bianchi usually have some competitively priced bikes under $1,000. Take a look, as you get quite a bit for the buck with those two companies.
re: Entry Level Suggestions?Barton
Sep 29, 2003 3:55 PM
Look at the Jamis Aurora or Bianchi Brava.

Both good values.
Definitely consider going usedKerry Irons
Sep 29, 2003 4:38 PM
You'll get a whole lot more bike if you're willing to take one that is a couple years old. Think of it this way - would you rather have a 3 yr. old Mercedes, or a brand new Grand Am. Make sure whatever you get fits.
re: Entry Level Suggestions?cyclopathic
Sep 30, 2003 7:54 AM
For commuting I'd look for steel inner city roads and MUTs are pretty bumpy. My commuter is '01 KHS 300; Sora components was 400$ new.

Check used, and check online retailers like bikesdirect, getawaybikes, etc. you can find entry level road bike for ~400$. 700$ should buy your good steel bike. Check Fuji, KHS, Mercier, Motobecane, Iron Horse, etc. Sora componens are mostly o'k; for a notch over 700 you can get 105 good luck.