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really long $.78 per minute duathlon report(11 posts)

really long $.78 per minute duathlon reportJS Haiku Shop
Sep 29, 2003 5:50 AM
numbers at the bottom.

agonized last week 'bout whether to participate in the local duathlon. it's a fun event and great way to support the local "scene", but at $52.50 for (late) entry, kinda steep. i caved and did it anyhow (thanks alot "marketing department" for the "encouragement").

this thing is well organized and staged, though the roads are actually open, but traffic is "monitored" by volunteers. two mile out & back run with a gentle rise at the beginning/end, 15 mile lumpy bike course (see profile below), then repeat 2 mile run.

'twas my first du, done in 2001. skipped it last year (can't remember why, but i think i was out of town). this year went back a totally different person, with a stiffer bike, aero bars, and a love of suffering and lactic acid.

rode clyde (i currently weigh 204# at 6', and would climb much faster minus 35 pounds). we (fat guys, chicks, and relay teams) started in a second wave, 5 min behind the age groupers.

this year i actually ran a bit approaching the event date, and had some run & bike legs on me for the event. at the start, "A" and i ran warmups 'round the starting location, about a 1/4-mile circuit, and arrived back just before the second wave kicked off.

stayed in the first quarter of the fat guys pack on the first 2 mile run leg. felt good. hit transition, quick change, run the bike out, knock over a few orange cones, and i'm grinding big gears with the assistance of a large chip on my shoulder, trying to catch chicks with handlebar baskets and 12 year old kids who dropped me on the run.

bike leg was an out & back with two 1/2 mile inclines, a quartering tailwind on the way out that proved to be a strong headwind going up both hills, and a nice cross-headwind on the flat straights on the return ride. felt good on the bike, but not as fast as i'd pre-ridden the route. picked up countless riders from the first and second waves. was passed only once, by a local team rider who had to work up a pretty good sprint at the bottom of a long hill runout to pass; we passed each other a few times, until i realized i was no longer riding "my own race", and was working too hard (let him go; he was faster). my plan was to take the hills in a small gear going up and grind them out on the way back down, which worked (~40 mph down complemented 16 mph on the way up).

transition 2, bike to run, took my time and felt no noodly legs on the run. however, the first 3/4 mile was a bit of "why the hell am i doing this", until my spirit returned. felt like i was shuffling an 11 min mile, but results afterward told otherwise. finished feeling great and had plenty left to do another loop on the run with one of our up & comers, who finished several minutes back.

2001 results:

2 mi run in 16:03 @ 8 min/mile
15 mi bike in 49:15 @ 18 mph avg
2 mi run in 17:00 @ 8:30 min/mile
1m 45s total transition
1:24:25 total time
finished 3rd clyde

2003 results (same course):

2 mi run in 14:58 @ 7:29/mile
15 mi bike in 43:28 @ 20.6 mph avg
2 mi run in 17:04 @ 8:32/mile
1m 58s total transition
1:17:35 total time
finished 3rd clyde

beat my chief rival (2001 J) by seven minutes. not to shabby.
way to go... alot faster this year, I thought you'd win it!..nmrwbadley
Sep 29, 2003 6:19 AM
My version of the long duathlon report.godot
Sep 29, 2003 7:01 AM
Good Job

I did a duathlon yesterday as well. Bit of a headwind finishing the bike, and the course was a lot flatter than yours.

1st 5k - 22:00
44k bike - 1:08:12
2nd 5k - 22:22
after bad transitions and other misc screw ups my total time was 1 hour 56 minutes and some change.

The two most amusing moments of the whole thing were the idiot at the start of the bike leg that liked to sprint past me, blow up, I hold a steady pace and pass him, wait a bit, he goes blazing past me, I finally lost him when he took a wrong turn and disappeared (there was a cop and volunteer at the intersection). Is there such a thing as racing darwinism?

But the winner in the most memorable category was a guy who was screaming profanities at the results sheet posted after the race. There was an error in the spreadsheet for the average speed of the bike leg, so everyone's average was around 10mph. The time was correct, but the average speed calculation was off, not a big deal to most people. He was screaming all sorts of nice things and physically abusing the sheet and the building it was posted on. He swore he never dropped below 25mph on the bike leg, which is interesting since I averaged 21 and he only beat me by a minute.

I'd give more details but it's all kind of blur. I remember the 2 guys mentioned above, my wife chearing me on, the attractive college co-ed that finished just ahead of me (and proceeded to throw up), learning the hard way that power gel and I don't get along all that well, the piano someone tied to me for the first 300 yards of the second run, and wanting to kiss the person that removed the computer chip from my ankle after the race (I'd still be laying face first in the grass if not for them).

All in all, a good time that I won't need to repeat until next year.
Good jobSpecialTater
Sep 29, 2003 7:35 AM
Sorry I couldn't get out there to cheer you on. Did TN do it too? That wind was a beeeotch yesterday.

Hope to see you Thurs.
da gangJS Haiku Shop
Sep 29, 2003 8:18 AM
E spectated, A rode/won fat tire, B rode/got 3rd in her age group. B's hubby was there and cheered us on. TN2 had a gig in nashvegas sat night and might have enjoyed a few too many dark irish beers.
Sub 8 min. mile sounds downright olympian to me !hrv
Sep 29, 2003 8:40 AM
I just started running, with the possible goal of entering a 'du in the future, but I am slooooooow. A definite 'shuffler'. Thing is, I enjoy the simplicity of running so much, as in no hrm, watch, nothing, I might just do it for fun.

Great job. In retrospect would you have pushed harder to not have 'plenty left' to do another loop?

LOL yeah sureJS Haiku Shop
Sep 29, 2003 8:51 AM
wasn't a matter of if i could give more, it was how much pain i cared to enjoy and how much longer i didn't mind recovering (2-3 days versus 4-6). 7-8 min miles on mostly flat ground has me working hard to breathe; any faster and i'm teetering just sub-vomit. i could have gone a bit faster than this time, but i have other things on the schedule this week.

running's simplicity is even greater (lesser?) on a treadmill. cut out environmental forces and deal with the repetition and boredom, and it's great training for other ultra (stupid) endeavors.

fwiw, my first couple years running were realllly sloooow too. i'm an off/on/off runner, mostly just in the fall/winter--have no interest in summertime activity much beyond cycling. riding with groups much faster than myself, riding long distances, and cyclocross, have all made me a faster runner than before. now the limitation is base running miles and fitness.
one more thangJS Haiku Shop
Sep 29, 2003 8:55 AM
much as i hate to say this and sound like a RBR broken record/zombie, intervals on the treadmill were **the key** to going from 10 min/mile to pushing 7 min/mile. it's not a fitness thing so much as a suffering and threshold thing. i was running 10 minute miles because they were bearable; they still are, but faster miles mean the running's over sooner. :)
Ah-ha! Thank you. (nm)hrv
Sep 29, 2003 9:25 AM
Sep 29, 2003 9:08 AM
Awesome! Not only are you getting wiser with age, you're also getting faster!

Great job! Congrats! Feels good, doesn't it? :>)
I told you sooooo!Marketing Dept
Sep 29, 2003 9:44 AM
Just joking, great report. I have learned two lessons in my racing career:

1) Never pass up an opportunity, you can't go back!

2) Pre-Register and save $10 or more everytime.

Way to go and keep it up. The bike is looking great too!