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Check out this sports popularity poll on CNN(9 posts)

Check out this sports popularity poll on CNNSwat Dawg
Sep 27, 2003 5:45 PM
Some of the findings are kind of interesting. I thought that cycling would be up there at the top, judging by the reception I get riding my bike down the road, and listening to Clear Channel radio stations. Do you think cycling is not on there because people do not not like it that much? Maybe I'm pessimistic, but unfortunately, I think that we would be up there if cycling were more mainstream. What do you think? I hope that cycling is in fact less not liked than it seems at times. I really think that there is a strong future for cycling. I think that a track racing circuit run in a similar fashion to horse racing would be a huge moneymaker for both cyclists, promoters and sponsors. I think that it would be great for moving cycling into the national spotlight in a way that would associate it with money and professionalism giving it prestige. It would also hopefully change some of the dominant discourse that views bikes as troublesome transportation disruptions. Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Here's the link:
re: Check out this sports popularity poll on CNNONCE in a life time
Sep 27, 2003 6:06 PM
Personally i think people are driven by advertising (hype). I think american in general likes sport that has huge backing in terms of sponsor because that supposedly is cool thing and people jump on the bandwagon.

Recently i had chance to be with bunch of elementary and middle school kids and we all watched Vuelta and every single kids thought its was cool. "I like the guy in pink, no blue wait orange etc..."
re: Check out this sports popularity poll on CNNSwat Dawg
Sep 27, 2003 6:21 PM
I agree people are driven by advertising, but the poll runs counter to that trend. Some of the sports that are disliked are heavily funded by advertising dollars.

The kids are the future. They loves bikes, give a kid a bike and they'll typically ride all day long. The problem arises when they become adults. It is some of those same kids whose parents are motivated to run us off the road. A bike is really a kids first opportunity to experience freedom. They can go places without their parents, and can go farther than they can walk. But inevitably those kids get older, get a car stop riding their bikes, and forget their early experieces.

Maybe that's the whole problem the bike is associated with a not grown-up form of transportation. I also think there is a big issue of socioeconomic class, i.e. Why would you ride a bike if you can afford a car?
cycling is not a sport !!climbo
Sep 27, 2003 6:19 PM
nobody (gen pub) would consider it to be in the running for this poll.
Sep 28, 2003 4:58 AM
The public regards it like "roller blading" - something annoying that people do to stay in shape. You mean people actually race? There are teams?

The irony is that US Postal is about as ubiquitous of an institution as it gets... and people still don't get it!
And Dogfighting is??????.......nmHammy71
Sep 28, 2003 4:07 PM
Climbo the Auzzie??! nmToby
Sep 29, 2003 1:27 PM
re: Check out this sports popularity poll on CNNAllUpHill
Sep 27, 2003 7:01 PM
The link between driver's reactions to cyclist on the road, and the popularity or unpopularity of the sport probably isn't there. When drivers see a cyclist on the road, a sport of any kind, legitimate or not, is far from their mind. If they don't simply see you as a nuisance and a farce, they view it as a hobbyist/fitness thing, the way you view folks out for a morning jog in the neighborhood (nothing wrong with that). Even if they're vaguely aware of that Lance guy that gets metioned on CNN every July, they don't associate the encounter with the growing, thriving, commerically funded sport that exists behind their back even in the U.S.

I think cycling would certainly be in the top ten hated sports if people were more aware of it. Fortunately, it's pretty much just confined to one obscure channel only found on digital cable and satellite, so it never intrudes into view (except for the guys that are really into Bill Dance fishing on OLN...). For the sake of keeping my right to ride on the roads, I sincerely hope cycling STAYS low on the radar screen--right beside shuffleboard, curling, water polo, and other "olympic-grade" sports. When the public in wholesale starts realizing that we're using their serious-business highways for pleasure and training, and that there's a valid sport behind all this, you'll begin seeing serious pushes from citizens and lawmakers to remove that right. Some day, when I look like Grandpa Simpson I'll talk about how, back in the year 20 aught 3, cyclists had free reign to ride on the road with cars. My grandkids won't believe what they're hearing -- it will be right up there with the civil war stories of limb amputation with just a saw and swig of whiskey.

Sorry for the rambling, apocalyptic rant.
re: Check out this sports popularity poll on CNNlyleseven
Sep 27, 2003 7:29 PM
Cycling is a difficult sport to cover on TV. Unless you have an understanding of how racing works, it just seems like a lot of guys (or women) pedaling their tails off. The other problem is that kids love bikes when they are young. Then they hit middle school and its not so "cool" to be seen on a bike anymore. Oftentimes, they don't get back into it until years later. But it is growing in popularity because of all the neat new technology and improvements in bikes, just like cars.