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oh my gosh! (vuelta spoiler)(6 posts)

oh my gosh! (vuelta spoiler)bianchi boy
Sep 27, 2003 1:24 PM
Can you believe Roberto Heras? I caught the final mountain time trial of the Vuelta, one of the few stages I've watched all week, and Heras was incredible. He started the stage 1:50 down to Nozal, and ended up beating him by nearly 2:20 and taking the yellow jersey. Heras really showed why he's regarded as perhaps the world's best climber.
Sep 27, 2003 1:34 PM
I didn't bother watching the stage, because I thought Nozal had the race locked up! I never thought Heras could take that much time in a stage that short. Roberto: tu es el hombre (you da man)! Gotta give props to Nozal though, he rode a heck of a race.
Thats Awesome ! 'nm"CARBON110
Sep 27, 2003 1:49 PM
Hey Jeremy do you have your winter riding stuff ready........abicirider
Sep 27, 2003 3:16 PM
god looks like its starting already mid to low 40's for the lows high 60's starting Sunday night for the high hope you wont have another cold winter. I may still be here Nov 1 if so if you want we can meet at the expo in charlotte I will keep you up to date.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!
Ray Still
Hey Jeremy do you have your winter riding stuff ready........gray8110
Sep 27, 2003 4:16 PM
Highs in the 60's - I want some of that - I'm in Oregon - It's 102 right now, it was 106 on the pavement when I was on my ride an hour ago. On a 30 mile ride, I lost 5 pounds even though I took in 3 full 24 oz water bottles. I want some of those 60 degree days dammit.
Ray thats GREAT !CARBON110
Sep 27, 2003 6:17 PM
Cool so we will get to hang out! Lookn forward to it. I might come out the night before and get a hotel so I can go to the expo first thing. If I do we should definitely hit a tavern or something. It hasnt been that cold here but certainly cooler. I think we average about 5 degrees warmer then most other places this time of year. In the day its like 75-80 but mornings and nights are like 45-55.
I am ready for the winter, Im actually really looking foward to it. I have been lifting weights and doing lots of power intervals. Races are comn to an end so now I can relax and do some long, fun, beautiful rides. I like training and riding this time of the year. It reminds me of Lance and tests my dedication.
You on the other hand must be really excited about moving to one of the most gorgous places in the USA ! You have to be countnig the days eh! Im sure it puts you in a better mood knowing your moving to an amazing place where you can leave behind all the nostalgic places things and people that don't benefit your well being and future. We can all relate to that :)

Don't doubt for a minute I wont call you up out west and say "Ray, you need a roomate for a week? Where do the women cyclists hang out around here?" :D