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First crash of the year!(2 posts)

First crash of the year!Asiago
Sep 26, 2003 6:21 AM
Well, after 330 hours on the bikes so far this year, I had my first crash of the year. It was on a flat section of rural highway. I was behind a pretty big guy as we were going into a 17-25mph wind. There was a shoulder, I was just to the right of the white lane line. Then, the shoulder disappeared and the edge was about 3 inches to get back on the road surface. I rolled right off the pavement onto that edge. I had no chance.

Guess I still remember how to fall from my downhill skiing 'cause eventhough I hit hard on my right side (impact was hard enough to free my sunglasses from my head!) I had no major injuries. My right shoulder is a little sore as is my right hip.

I don't know how, but my Nalini bibs don't even look like they took an impact on asphault! Same with the older Voler longsleeve jersey.

Worst injury is actually the middle finger of my right hand. Not sure exactly how it happened, but the very tip, like a mm worth of it is just gone. I don't think it was from the pavement as the cross section of the fingertip is now flat, not rounded like a used pencil eraser. Further, the edges of the cut are not bunched up as they would be if the finger had been dragged across the pavement, the skinn is just gone. Also, the cut is quite clean. It looks like the very tip of the finger just got sliced right off. I wonder if it hit the bladed spokes of my wheel? We were doing 23 at the time of the crash. We rode for another hour, the right shifter was a scratched up, bloody, and I mean actually a bloody mess!

I had no chance. Just glad that the truck following us was far enough behind and had plenty of time to stop.


re: First crash of the year!godot
Sep 26, 2003 6:35 AM
First, glad you weren't seriously injured.

You may want to have the finger looked at by a doc. I had a wreck recently and did pretty much the same thing to my thumb. I went to the doc to get a tetanus shot as a precaution. He saw my thumb and wanted to take x-rays. He was concerned that if I had fractured the tip of thumb it would be pretty easy to get a nasty infection in the bone from the wound. It wasn't a likely scenario, but apparently the treatment and recovery from it would be pretty long.

Just something to think about.

Get well soon.