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A cure for the case of the common Sidis: Nalini Carbonstorm(3 posts)

A cure for the case of the common Sidis: Nalini CarbonstormBergMann
Sep 25, 2003 9:23 PM
I was searching the board a couple weeks back for advice on finding narrow shoes, but aside from Sidis, Sidis, and more Sidis, I didn't have much luck (been there, tried that, _not_ impressed!)
I just thought I'd put this out there for those of you with narrow, low-volume feet: the shoe you _must_ try is the Nalini Carbonstorm, or it's aluminum-soled sibling the Flystorm (which a wide-footed cyclingnews editor reviewed recently).

I just put a quick 35 miles and 2000 ft. of climbing into my new pair of Carbonstorms, and thought I'd share my first impressions:

- excellent breathability (Lorica mesh)
- nice, deep heel pocket and well padded cuff
- 640g per pair, in size 46!
- full carbon sole for the price ($190 MSRP) of Sidi's "resin" shoe.
- no bulky ratchet buckle to bind, break, or and cut into your instep
- supple upper conforms beautifully as you cinch down the velcro straps: no buckling, bulging, or pinching like you get when you snug down most shoes

- no skid pad in forefoot area
- wimpy sockliner

On the whole, if I had to compare the fit of this shoe with others on the market, I'd say the forefoot is close to a Genius 4 (regular), while the heel pocket is significantly deeper, narrower (than both the regular & the narrow - which are almost identical in the heel), and gave my foot a much more secure fit. The last is also comparable to the width of Nike's high-end shoes, but without the absurdly-stiff, and painful incisive forefoot strap/tongue design of the Hautacam, and the flat-as-a-pancake sole that shoe shares with the Poggio.

The fine print:
I've got a long, skinny, flat, low volume foot -- AA width. I use a custom orthotic which only adds 2-3mm directly beneath my heel, but still raises me up too high for the heel pockets in most cycling shoes. Since I have 3 of these liners, and use them in _all_ my shoes, my goal was to find a road shoe that harmonizes with the liners and fits as well as my previous Lake and Shimano MTB kicks(various generations of 200 and 300 series).

The Nalinis fit the bill perfectly. The fact that there is no forefoot skid pad can be easily foregiven (I'll wear MTB shoes if I want to walk around), and the fact that the sockliner is little more than a thin layer of felt-covered fiberboard didn't particularly bother me, since it's now sitting in a box in the basement.

Anyhow, FWIW, there _are_ options out there - sometimes you just have to look for them.
Apropos looking, I've posted a couple of pictures.
Another shot of the Carbonstorms...BergMann
Sep 25, 2003 9:24 PM
must have been a tough ride without cleats:) nmdivve
Sep 25, 2003 11:07 PM