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Anyone have experience with the '03 Allez Comp Cro-Mo(3 posts)

Anyone have experience with the '03 Allez Comp Cro-MoSteve-a-Reno
Sep 25, 2003 5:22 PM
I am about to get mine out of layaway and was just curious if those who have the same bike have made any changes to the stock components or have you had to replace anything yet? How many miles do you have on your bike and do you race? I am a stone cold newbie to road bikes but have ridden mountain bikes and recumbents for years - oh, and I have never raced and don't plan to. I am 6' and currently 235 lbs - hope the new road machine will help me drop this number a bit.

Anyway, I'm excited and have ordered a Sigma BC 1600 computer with cadence option, bottle cages, gel gloves, and a seat bag to begin with. Anything else I might want to consider? I have my eye on some blue Conti3's, a stationary trainer, and maybe a more comfy saddle in the near future. I'd love to find a retailer that has some of those Bontrager Race Lite wheels, in blue, via mailorder too.

Hello, I'm Steve and I'm a bike 'a holic ....
Its a nice bikeCoolhand
Sep 26, 2003 5:40 AM
Given the things you are getting, you are fine. Pedals are often the first upgrade- with a move to something lighter like Speedplay Zeros (I prefer Eggbeaters myself- I have them on all my bikes and use Sidi Mountain shoes across the board as well).

Steve if you are not a member of a local cycling club, spend you money there- that is a good place to get some road rides and tips from.

Just upgrade the rest of your parts when they wear our with something nicer. I am not a fan of light pre-built wheels for someone your size. You would be better off with a set of Dura Ace hubs handbuilt with butted spokes 3 cross to a strong set of semi aero rims. The real world weight will be the same or lighter then most of the prebuilts, and they are less expensive. But get that later- for now find some good groups to ride with.

re: Anyone have experience with the '03 Allez Comp Cro-Mokevyn
Sep 26, 2003 7:09 AM
Hey Steve, I bought one early this summer and love it. I bought a pair of speedplay x-2s (which are wonderful) and replaced the turbo tires with conti. gator skins (road conditions in my area are very bad. think "fields of diamonds"). I was worried about the Alex wheels since I weighed 195 when I bought the bike. I did eventually break a spoke (on a very rough stretch of road) and predictably the wheel was WAY out of true. Hobbled to LBS, waited while they checked to see if they even had a replacement, luckily they did. I haven't replaced the wheelset yet, but a nice 32 spoke set would be my next change if I were to make one. I find the "body geometry" saddle pretty comfortable. I just ride for fitness and fun and have not had a single regret about buying this bike. Enjoy!