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Anyone know about old Trek 360? (cross post fr fixed forum)(3 posts)

Anyone know about old Trek 360? (cross post fr fixed forum)theBreeze
Sep 25, 2003 5:13 PM
I had an old bike practically fall into my lap today. This sweet little old bike has been sitting around my fav LBS all summer and I finally asked about it today. The owner will let me have it in exchange for a couple dozen cookies! I am looking to convert it to single speed initially, with the eventual goal of changing to fixed gear. I'm looking at it as a fun project for the fall/winter.

Everything looks pretty good on it. The dropouts are short horizontal with that weird little screw that goes through the back to center the wheel. The frame is in good shape, knicks and scratches, but no rust that I can see.

I have been riding road for just a few years and would appreciate any input.

I also replied on the fixed forum but...SenorPedro
Sep 25, 2003 7:27 PM
forgot to mention that you should head on over to where you can find out all kinds of great info.
Check this out....Gregory Taylor
Sep 25, 2003 7:29 PM

All the information that you could ever want about old Treks. Your 360 was first offered in 1988.