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Any one built a climbing bike w/ 1 STI shifter?(5 posts)

Any one built a climbing bike w/ 1 STI shifter?swampman
Sep 25, 2003 11:34 AM
My Fuji Marselle is becoming a donor and I plan to rebuild it over the winter. I thought I could save some cash by getting a right STI off ebay and use a downtube shifter for the FD. It has the studs on the downtube and I was wondering if I could get a Dura Ace down tube shifter for FD. I already have a Shimano brake level for the left I could use.

Anything I should be aware of?

Been there, done that many times...Marketing Dept
Sep 25, 2003 12:04 PM
I have done this for several riders.

First the negatives:

Weight savings, not there. By the time you add the weight of the brake lever and the downtube shifter, you are talking grams difference.

Cost, a DA down-tube shifter is too expensive on ebay. Go to the LBS and ask if you can go through the parts bin. If you buy a pair of shorts, my bet is that what ever you find will be yours for free. Though I doubt you will stumble across and DA. The Ultegra, 600 or 105 will do just fine, except in the style category.

Cool looks

Lot's of questions

Lot's of comments like "wow, how does it climb, like Lance?"..

Fun, hey, no matter what the Con's are, this is fun to do, both to build up and to ride. Just buy building this, you are now going to seek out some climbs and the benefits to health are worth it all.

Some may suggest that you go ahead and build it with downtube shifters for front and rear. Well, then you lose the cool factor.

Go for it and let us know which non-catagory climb you conquer!!
Couple of things...Matno
Sep 25, 2003 1:10 PM
If the weight difference doesn't exist, why does Lance do it? Certainly not for ease of shifting. Perhaps because he likes friction shifters? (Although that's really not necessary).

Don't forget one big difference is that the two hoods won't feel the same. The left one will be smaller and likely slightly shorter than the STI. Also, the reach to the brakes may be different. Not good, in my book. (Didn't I hear that Lance has a specially made left hood/lever that matches the right one?)

Also, DuraAce downtube shifters aren't all that expensive. I got mine on ebay for $26 (brand new). There was a place advertising on RBR for a while that had them for $19 (although I remember there being some discussion about them running out and not filling orders). $30 seems to be a common price on Ebay.

Also, just for the sake of being disagreeable ;^) I'm gonna have to say that the "look" is not one of the "pros" in this case. Then again, I'm a symmetry freak and anything that looks different from side to side bugs me. (I've grown accustomed to the whole "drivetrain on one side" thing...)
He does it because...divve
Sep 25, 2003 11:40 PM
....Shimano can't shift to the smaller ring consistently without dropping or sucking up the chain. As a TdF contender you can't have that happen too often. We also saw what happens when one of those STI bar-ends catch something. So next year he's going to use two friction shifters to save even more weight!
Never mind, I was wrongswampman
Sep 25, 2003 12:05 PM
My Fuji does not have studs. I was thinking of my other bike. I guess I will just have to build it with 2 STI's