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What should I upgrade?(9 posts)

What should I upgrade?liquid54
Sep 25, 2003 8:51 AM
I've got a stock 2002 Cannondale R400 Triple, my first road bike, that I'm about ready to upgrade. The problem is that I can't decide what to do to it. I would like to keep the costs under $300. I ride about 3 times a week (totaling about 80 miles a week) around Austin.

The bike has those annoying Sora shifters, so I've thought about replacing them. I also have looked at a new wheelset (it has Mavic CXP 21 rims with Shimano 3300 hubs). Another item I looked at was the saddle (Selle Royal Wing) which could be lighter, but hasn't been a problem at all yet.

I thought about a carbon fork, but while it can be stiff at times, I'm used to the ride now.

re: What should I upgrade?biketalk
Sep 25, 2003 8:56 AM
I'm not sure but from what i can tell from your description I would seriously think about not upgrading but replacing you bike. I realize that your trying to keep the costs down but all the things your talking about will quickly add up. I'm not sure if that frame is worth this. If costs are a big concern I would seriously look at selling your bike and buying a "better" used bike than what you have now. Just my 2 cents though. Best of luck.
re: That frame....Rusty Coggs
Sep 25, 2003 9:52 AM
...use to be top of the line and was previously built with DA. If it fits and he likes it,it's worth sicking just about anything on. However one has to consider the cost effectivenesss, vs selling and buying something better.
my $.02Steve_0
Sep 25, 2003 9:24 AM
if you don't know what you want, you don't need the upgrade.
re: What should I upgrade?Mariowannabe
Sep 25, 2003 9:32 AM
I think I'd invest in a couple of things, some of which could be taken with you if you decide down the road to upgrade to a better bike. I think you might realize a difference with a really nice set of tires & tubes. That's $100. And a nice performance oriented saddle you could keep. $100 again. And , hmmmmm, the days are getting shorter, so buy some lights to ride longer! $50. Finally, I'd use the last $ to buy Lance's new book.
Suggestions...Marketing Dept
Sep 25, 2003 9:33 AM
Keep the frame, it is fine.

$300.00, hmmm,

If something is broken (does not work), that is first on the list.

If everything works, but you just want upgrades, I suggest:

As far as ride comfort/charicteristics, the biggest bang for the buck are tires. Put some 700X28's on and you have a comfy commuter. Try some 700X19's and you have the start of a TT machine and will feel every dimple in the road.

If the Sora shifters do not work (I don't like them for ergonomic reasons, those I have worked on work fine) then there is your first $150-$160 for an Ultegra upgrade. Since the Sora's are 8 speed, you will also have to buy a new cassette and chain. But since you have been riding for a year or so, it may be time to replace the cassette and chain anyway. That will leave you with a few bucks for tires and a new saddle.

You may consider 105 and save some more $$, which is just as good untill you start hard racing/riding. Can you do the work yourself? That might save you some money if you shop around.

With that said, I suggest first look at the wheels. More weight savings and handling changes can be had by upgrading tires and tubes. If your wheelset is drilled for presta tubes, they may already be as good as the CXP's, for general road riding. If the wheels are not at least Sora hubs or better, you may need to sink $200.00 into a new set.

As far as seats go, I do suggest that you look into a quality leather covered saddle, like the Flite or Fiz'ik. Not only can they be lighter, they are often more comfortable. DISCLAIMER: Saddle debates are only second in personal preference next to Religion, politics and Campy Vs. Shimano. I just like minimal padding on my rides.

Hope this helps.
re: $300..........Rusty Coggs
Sep 25, 2003 10:00 AM
isn't going to go very far when you start talking shifters(9 speed means a cassett and chain too) and wheels. Even with that you still have all the other low end stuff. It's a good enough frame but you have to consider cost effectiveness and how much difference it's really going to make.
What on Earth do you want to do???funknuggets
Sep 25, 2003 10:02 AM
Where do you want to go or do, and what on the bike is preventing you from doing it??? From reading your post, I have no clue as to whether you want to ride more often, longer, faster, more comfortably, commuting, fitness, et cetera. So, it is difficult to pinpoint what the best upgrade would be for you.

I would first look at fit. If there are issues there, that is where I would start... stem, seatpost, etc... but assuming that your fit is okay, then you can think upgrade. I'm thinking that the general consensus would be as follows for the most bang for your buck:

For general speed and better performance, upgrade wheels.

For comfort, upgrade saddle or fork

For fitness, get a hr monitor

For commuting, get better lights and clothing.

For reliability, upgrade shifters/derails

Just my 2 cents.

So sayeth the funk,
Send me the money, keep the bike the way it is...MShaw
Sep 25, 2003 11:17 AM
...if you MUST spend the $300. I could use it for some XTR shifters and a fork for my mtn bike...

Seriously, if you're riding 3x week, what's broken that you need to fix? If nothing's broken, why are you wanting to fix it?

If you have $300 burning a hole in your pocket, I haven't a clue what to recommend 'cause I don't know what you NEED (as opposed to want). If you aren't running clipless pedals and shoes, start there. If you have crap tires, try some nice ones.

As for the rest, ride it till it dies, THEN worry about upgrading! By the time it wears out, you'll know what you NEED to make a better bicycle/cyclist: ie: what is the performance inhibitor that you can fix with minimal expenditure.

That help?