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Solvang Century for RBR ride next spring?(18 posts)

Solvang Century for RBR ride next spring?DougSloan
Sep 25, 2003 7:13 AM
March 13, 2004, is the Solvang Century. I think it would be a great time for an unofficial RBR get together for the west coast. Thousands of people ride, it's hilly, but not killer, great stops, great scenery, etc.

I think we should have a cruiser/beach bike/single speed/fixed group, in particular. Of course, all would be welcome, but there wouldn't be any 25 mph pacelines on these bikes...

As CelloBoy suggested, Wine Country Century on May 1, 2004, would be another good choice (and better for nothern Cal./Oregon): No reason we couldn't do both.

Great idea Doug.sn69
Sep 25, 2003 7:16 AM
I've been wanting to get back up to the Central Coast and Vino regions since returning to SoCal earlier this summer. I think Solvang and the Wine Country rides sound great.

Miss M would be up for the Solvang Double. nmMB1
Sep 25, 2003 7:38 AM
I wonder if I could talk my wife into that ...Humma Hah
Sep 25, 2003 8:19 AM
Its a beautiful area, and she might enjoy touring around in a rent-a-wreck while I rode the event. Make a few days of vacation out of it and see some central CA scenery.

The cruiser would LIKE another crack at that. My left knee is not as enthusiastic. My boss has a bike shipping container he'd probably lend me. Got his bike to Ireland and back recently.

She wants to do Las Vegas again ... one day of that place is enough for me, but I mentioned there may be a Tour de Las Vegas century, and she said maybe we could schedule a trip around that, and we'd both get something out of it. Not the same calibre of run as Solvang, but if I'd be heading out there anyway, what the heck.
Both sound great, but Wine Country would be easier...PdxMark
Sep 25, 2003 9:09 AM
to convince the wife on. Cycling time is a family issue nowadays. (I had to keep my thoughts to myself with THAT recent thread.) I like the fixie ride notion too. It would be fun to see & ride with a few RBRers. I'd be able to take the fenders off my Pista by then too.
great idealaffeaux
Sep 25, 2003 9:16 AM
I rode Solvang two years ago, and it's a great ride.

Having a group that was about having fun and not hammering is a great idea.
Heck, I might even goKristin
Sep 25, 2003 9:17 AM
I've decided my first backpacking trip will be on the JMT next spring/summer. I'm going to pick a hike organized by an outfitter, that's geared for beginners. I was hoping to go sometime between March and May. If there are RBR's planning to hook up for a ride I might be able to swing one of them. I might need some logistical help. Somewhere to ship my bike and someone to store it for a week while I'm in the back country. (Its a little too big to fit in my pack.) Keep us posted.
might be a bit early for thatlaffeaux
Sep 25, 2003 9:45 AM
The JMT in spring might have a bit of snow on it. Be sure to check that out before planning the trip.
Yeah, yeah...Kristin
Sep 25, 2003 9:51 AM
I just decided on this 2 weeks ago. I began looking for trips, but no one has the '04 schedules posted yet. I probably won't book my trip until after Christmas. May through the Yosemite area won't be bad though. Then again, that's not very close to Napa Valley. Oh well, its fun to dream. Then I wake up and look at my checkbook balance.
Yeah, yeah...laffeaux
Sep 25, 2003 10:26 AM
Yosemite to Napa is not bad at all. If you're flying in, the bay area airports are probably cheaper than flying to Fresno (the closest airport to Yosemite). Hitting both sounds like a reasonable plan to me. :)

Can't help you with the checkbook ....
here's a good calendarDougSloan
Sep 25, 2003 12:13 PM

Yosemite area is good; Napa is good; in between is not.

There are some fantastic tour routes up and down the coast. I'd be happy to help.

Good luck...Brooks
Sep 25, 2003 3:45 PM
May in Yosemite Valley is fine, but Tioga Pass and Toulomne Meadows (several thousand feet higher) will probably be closed still and the high country will have lots of snow. The John Muir Trail (JMT) will be buried. Mid to late June is the earliest you want to be in the high Sierras (and bring lots of mosquito repellent).

Last fall I spent a week in California (I grew up in Bay Area) showing the sights to my sister-in-law and my wife. SF for a day, Napa for two, straight drive across Central Valley to Yosemite Valley for another couple of days. 5-6 hour drive. Don't even go through Fresno (sorry Doug).

bring the road bike :) nmPdxMark
Sep 25, 2003 9:46 AM
Maybe. My wife loves SolvangStraightblock
Sep 25, 2003 9:26 AM
and wants to visit Monty Roberts' horse ranch nearby. I might talk her into riding the 1/2 on the tandem. If not, maybe I'll do the 100 on my fixed gear.

Doug, are you riding the Grizzly next weekend?
Solvang, maybe...WCC for sure!MrCelloBoy
Sep 25, 2003 11:24 AM
I'll post something closer to April to remind us. I'd be happy to host a BBQ or poyluck at our house in Santa Rosa. We're just down the road from LBC, the rides start.
I would be intrestedJFR
Sep 25, 2003 12:39 PM
I'm in Sacramento and would absolutely participate in an RBR ride in my general area. (I'd be in the standard road bike group.)
re: Solvang Century for RBR ride next spring?cjwill
Sep 25, 2003 2:44 PM
Count me in...............
I have always want to do the Solvang Century.

good ride + good people = GOOD TIME
Solvang is a great rideKen K
Sep 25, 2003 4:11 PM
Did it for the first time last year and have already planned for it next year. Is everyone invited?