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Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?(10 posts)

Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?readyami
Sep 25, 2003 7:00 AM
I have a pair of Carnac TRS-5's that I love for triathlon, but have recently started riding longer distances, and have gotten a sore big toe on my left foot after about 45 miles or so. The toe box is fine for size, but the leather or synthetic leather on the top of the shoe is too stiff, and it seems that after thousands of pedal strokes, my big toenail is just bumping against that leather part.
I know lots of road shoes have mesh in this area, and I was wondering if anyone has any shoe suggestions.
My two LBS are not that great and I will probably order online. Any suggestions for shoes? I have long toes, and need a larger toe box. I am a female if that matters!
re: Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?Dave Hickey
Sep 25, 2003 7:10 AM
How tight do you tighten straps? Back in my speedskating days shoe fit was critical. I used to have the same problem until it tighened the straps more. My foot was sliding forward causing the big toe to rub. Tightening the back strap made my heel stay firmly in the heel cup.
Another suggestion would be to use a thinner footbed. If all else fails, I've had great luck with Nike Poggios.
re: Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?Fez
Sep 25, 2003 9:28 AM
Off topic - what boot were you using back then?
Still use it.Dave Hickey
Sep 25, 2003 10:17 AM
Bont Maxi-Lunge. Great boot. It's held up great over the years.
I got full customFez
Sep 25, 2003 10:58 AM
It was the only way I could ensure a roomy toebox and not have a sloppy fitting heel area.

That heel lift you were referring to can result in some ugly blisters. Ouch!
I spent hundreds on boots trying to elimate heel lift...Dave Hickey
Sep 25, 2003 12:58 PM
The Maxi-lunge fits me like a glove. I hope Bont still has the last for that boot. I've become the same way with cycling. I love my Nike Poggios and really don't want to experiment with another shoe. I just bought another pair that I'm keeping in the closet until my current ones wear out.
Don't think they make that any moreFez
Sep 25, 2003 1:14 PM
You could check the site to confirm.

If you got yours custom, are you wondering if they saved the mold? I was told no. I wonder if it is because its a pain to save it (most customers probably will only get one and if they do get another, it will likely be years later, making it not cost effective to save anything), or if it is because the mold of your foot becomes destroyed in the process of them making the custom boot around it.

The easy way is to just get another custom fit the next time around. I heard they are going to make cycling shoes in the near future.
re: Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?Fez
Sep 25, 2003 9:26 AM

Pretty widely available locally. Come in standard and mega width sizes. No mesh - the whole thing is smooth Lorica up top. And the buckle helps lock it down so your foot doesn't shift fore/aft to irritate the toe.

Also - I find I have better luck w/o tightening the toe straps very much. And - do you think its possible that your current shoe is a tad too small?
re: Sore toe on long rides..shoe suggestions?readyami
Sep 25, 2003 10:54 AM
Shoe not too small, toe is not hitting edge of shoe. Picture the shoe, the entire toe area is covered with synthetic (or real) leather, with something "forming" the shoe underneath. On "regular" rode shoes, such as sidi, this area is all lorica or mesh and there is just a leather "border" type part at the tip of the toe. On the Carnac tri-specific shoe, the whole toebox is practically leather. My toe is not hitting the edge of the shoe. It's in the middle of the toe area, with plenty of wiggle room. It's just hitting the top of the shoe, when I come up on a pedal stroke, over and over again. So is my right big toe, but it doesn't hurt.
The shoe only has one strap, so not too tight or too loose. Nothing else on the shoe hurts. No hot spots, nothing. Love the shoe except after 50+ miles.
I've heard sidi's run small, with smaller toe box. Is that not the case?
Sidi, part 2Fez
Sep 25, 2003 11:06 AM
Small Sidi toebox? If you think so, try the Mega sizes. I have a Sidi in the Mega size and like it a lot. I never thought I would consider $200 a bargain, but they are much better made than those $270 Time shoes. I have wide feet, so one of the two widths should work for you.

Sidis may run a bit small if you are comparing the nominal Euro size number of another brand's shoe. For ex, I wear a size 43 Sidi, but a 42 in pretty much all the other brands.

So look at a good size converter or better yet, try multiple sizes on at the LBS.