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Clairifcation on LBS(4 posts)

Clairifcation on LBShokie_biker
Sep 25, 2003 4:52 AM
Are most of the LBS you guys refer to a one store deal? The two places I've spent most of my life had some LBchains. DE had Bikeline, and MD has Bike Doctor, and for the short time I live in MI, there was a two store 'chain'

These are mostly the shops I use (use performance for the other stuff) and even though I never spent a good deal of time in then, I get recognized, especially in MI and DE.

They fit all my needs and give me good prices and service (luckily I've never needed major repair).

The Bike line I use in DE is great. One of the workers is a buddy's neighbor, yet always talks to me like I'm his neighbor when I'm in there. And they always answer my questions and let me look at everything and hug the litespeeds when I come in without hassling me to buy.
In Dallas / Fort WorthDangeruss
Sep 25, 2003 5:21 AM
I frequent about 4 shops depending on what I'm after and what part of town I'm in.

Richardson Bike Mart - Huge main store with a smaller satellite location - Standard lines + sevaral lines of "status" bikes. Vast selection of everything.
Bicycles Inc. - 4 stores, but I've only visited 2. Good Accessory section. Trek - Specialized dealer.
Bicycle Tech - My main LBS for Giant service and consumables. Slanted towards MTB.
Plano Cycle and Fitness. A bit of everything.
I have quite a few around me...biknben
Sep 25, 2003 5:29 AM
Nearly every town around mine has at least one store. I can rattle off eight or nine LBSs that I could go to if I had to. I only go to one, maybe a second if I'm in a crunch for something. Of all those only one is a chain, Bikeline.

One store opened a second location a few years ago. It didn't do well and the owner closed it when it was time to renew the lease.

Those chain stores are probably individually owned and operated. It shouldn't be any different from the non-chain stores. The exception may be Performance stores because they have their own brand of products.
Sep 25, 2003 6:47 AM
In the twin cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) there are two large local chains (Penn/Eriks). They have about 8 stores each. We also have 2 REI stores. There's two (that I can think of) two store chains. Giving the "chains" a total around 20 stores.

I've never counted but my gut says that if I was to count up the one store LBS's I come to around 20 as well.

So where I live, it's a tie.