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Nice stories involving LBSs...(little long)(7 posts)

Nice stories involving LBSs...(little long)biknben
Sep 24, 2003 5:25 PM
I started to respond to "Marketing Dept's" post about his LBS. I realized after typing this that I went a little off topic. I still thought I should share so I made a new thread.
Every once in a while a LBS does something that really makes a good impression.

-The bike shop closest to my house is a total dive. I think they do more business with skateboards than bikes.
b BUT...
Every year the shop gets a bunch of kids to march (OK ride) in the town's Memorial Day Parade with the store employees and owner. They dress up their bikes with all kinds of stuff. They ride unicycles, swing bikes, tandems, minies, etc. They have a very simple banner that leads their group that say something like, "Helmets save children's lives!" It a very simple message from some goofy looky people on bicycles, but it made an impression on this rider. They were involved in a community event and showed sincere concern for the kids of the community.

-Sedona Bike-N-Bean in Sedona, AZ is the nicest shop I ever went into. I did a weeklong MTB trip in Sedona with ten friends in '96. It was an old house converted into commercial space. In one room, they had a scaled 3D model of the entire area with bike trails marked. It was probably an 8'x10' table. Think of a really detailed model train setup. This was better. The owner recreated the landscape in 3D using a USGS map. Simply amazing. We went there every day to get a preview of our next ride. The guy was more than happy to offer advice on where to ride and what to expect. During our rides, we felt like we had already been there. They also had a coffee bar with a pretty hot girl serving drinks. I will never forget that place.

-I went into a shop for the first time inquiring about a high end Fuji frame. The shop owner only had the lower end frame/bike in stock and let me take it for a test ride. Upon my return, I find out he sent an employee back to his house to get his personal bike. The high end one I was interested in. He let me ride
i his
bike around for half and hour. Unfortunately, the sizing didn't work for me and I had to look elsewhere. I actually feel bad not having bought a bike from him.

In all these cases the shop went well beyond what is expected to make a good impression. They certainly made lasting impressions on me.

Anyone else have some good ones?
Trek and Cannondale shop in Lawrence, KansasFez
Sep 24, 2003 6:19 PM
Was visiting Lawrence, Kansas and stumbled into a very nice LBS. It was in a renovated warehouse brick building in the middle of the town. Had friendly people, lots of nice clothes, a fair # of high end bikes built up, and they actually had a bike built up with Mavic Mektronic. I was there around 2000. Wonder if they are still in business?
They are still there.j-son
Sep 24, 2003 7:39 PM
The shop is called Sunflower, and is located on Massachusetts St. , a few blocks from the KU campus. Great shop, that also specializes in outdoor (climbing, hiking, etc) gear. This is one of the few bike cum outdoors stores that does a bang up job in both arenas. Most, in my experience, are like a hybrid bike: decent at everything, exceptional at nothing.

I claim Sunflower as my LBS, despite the fact the shop is a 70 mile drive.
They are still there.Fez
Sep 25, 2003 5:43 AM
70 miles? Are you coming from KC?

If so, can't believe KC area has no decent bike shops.
Nope. Coming from Manhattan, 70 miles in the opposite direction.j-son
Sep 25, 2003 6:48 AM
re: Nice stories involving LBSs...(little long)yellowspox
Sep 24, 2003 11:43 PM
We have several in the Rockford, Il area but two stand out. I try to support them both whenever possible. Every time I go into Kegals, I'm greeted by name and they really go out of their way to matter what the problem. I stopped in yesterday to pick up a copy of Velo News to read on a long plan ride today. They had stopped carrying them but he went into the back room and came out with a couple of store copies that I hadn't read yet and said.."enjoy".

LBS #2 is Rockford Bicycle Company. Same situation at that shop. The owner set up repair classes early this spring for 6 nights and went over tune-ups and repairs using our own bikes....for free! They just got the equipment in to do fittings and asked if I wanted to be one of the first to go through it while they worked on training the employees. I spent 2 & 1/2 hrs there Tuesday and I've never been more comfortable on my bike. Cost..?? Simple thanks for coming in to help them.

It's really difficult to shop anywhere else when you have LBSs that treat you the way these do.
re: Two Nice stories involving LBSsmapei boy
Sep 25, 2003 4:53 PM
1. The wife bought a high end bike. When the frame showed up at the shop, she was unsure about the color. The shop owners invited her to ride the thing for a week. If she still didn't like the color, they'd hunt down another frame for her. She didn't like the color. She phoned them and told them. They scoured the nation for the color she DID want. They found it. They swapped out the frame. No charge.

2. Another shop. I needed a new set of tires. All the mechanics at the place touted me on a set of the just-introduced Michelin Pro Races. I hemmed and hawed. One of the mechanics, about my size, happened to have the Pro Races on his To Die For Italian lugged steel gem. He insisted I take a ride on the bike to test out the tires. I rode the bike. I bought the tires.