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need rec: roadbike for a short guy :)(4 posts)

need rec: roadbike for a short guy :)Chris_WTX
Sep 24, 2003 1:38 PM
No beating around the bush, I'm short. What roadbikes would you guys recommend for me? I'm 5'4", 118lbs, and hoping to spend less than $600 since I still have the car rack to think about.

I am just getting into biking and so would like something that bridges the gap between quality and price.

There is a myriad of choices out there, and I'm looking for assistance in making the right decision.

Cheers, Chris
Houston, TX
re: need rec: roadbike for a short guy :)triton
Sep 24, 2003 2:39 PM
I am 5'3" 130 lbs and I ride a Litespeed Antares (size small compact frame). This bike fits me great but might be out of your price range. I used to ride a Cannondale R600 48cm and really liked that bike but decided to upgrade. I think Cannondale does it nice job at making a small frame (see lots of women on these bikes). You may want to look into a compact frame (GIANT sells some -Maybe TCR 2 or 3) since it allows for more flexibilty in the seat post height and stem length. At your height and weight you should try to get a bike that climbs well (i.e. stiff and light) since it is tough to keep up with the big boys on the flats and downhill. Make it hurt on the hills!!
At your price point, go usedKerry Irons
Sep 24, 2003 4:09 PM
You've gotten some good advice on frames to look for that will fit, now think about how to get some serious value for your money. It will require more dilligence to find the right sized frame on the used market, but your patience will be rewarded. A 2-3 year old bike for $600 would go for $1200+ new, and that extra $$ buys a LOT more bike in that price bracket. Just be sure it fits.
At your price point, go usedChris_WTX
Sep 24, 2003 5:13 PM
Thanks! I fully agree that a used bike fits my criteria--at least until I get serious enough to play in the $1k range. Of course finding one is another story, since ones my size are pretty rare.