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EBay Question(7 posts)

EBay QuestionRom12_1-2
Sep 23, 2003 6:12 PM
I am relatively new to ebay. Have sold using pay pal exclusively. Just sold an item. The purchaser's address is "unconfirmed" by pay pal. If I ship to them I am liable for a charge back if the credit card they used is fraudulant. Sooo, my question is, what are my options in this situation? The item sold for only $30. The purchaser has 32 glowing comments and one negative for not following thru on a winniing bid. They have already payed via pay pal. Thanks for any help...Scott
re: EBay Question.................davet
Sep 23, 2003 7:18 PM
"Unconfirmed" can mean different things. Take me for instance. I've had a PayPal account since they first started. I keep a cash balance in the account and don't use a credit card. No one, PayPal or Ebay, has access to my credit card. Because of that, my address is "unconfirmed". If I gave PayPal my credit card, they could check on the billing address and "confirm" me, but I choose not to. My Ebay feed back of 200 is 'perfect', no neutral or negatives.

I would tell you to offer your question up to PayPal and see what they have to say.
You need to send the product.DERICK
Sep 23, 2003 7:30 PM
You entered into an agreement with the buyer and they've kept up their end. If you wanted to deal only with Pay-Pal confirmed buyers you should have stated that in the auction. It's too late to change the rules now.
As an E-bay powerseller I've accepted lots of unconfirmed payments without a problem and wouldn't worry about it. Others may say differently. Either way, you made a deal and should honor it.
I guess the answer is yes, you could be charged back but it's too late to back out.
re: EBay Questionclintb
Sep 23, 2003 8:53 PM
Like DERICK, I sell quite a bit of stuff on eBay. Unlike him however, I don't ship to unconfirmed addresses and it's stated in my auctions as such.

Like was said though, you need to follow through and not change the TOS after things are finalized. If you decide not to sell, the buyer can file a non-selling seller and leave negative feedback. For $30 though, I wouldn't worrry about it too much. I routinely sell things that are $500+ and ONLY ship to confirmed. Chargebacks hurt when they're that big.
re: EBay QuestionTUT2222
Sep 24, 2003 4:14 AM
I use Paypal to pay for my auctions almost exclusively. My confirmed address is my PO Box for my business, where my CC bill goes to(although I pay with a bank transfer). I use my unconfirmed home address for shipping, since Fedex and UPS will not ship to a PO Box. So far I've had no problems with sellers, but I suppose it may happen at some point.
Thanks all. Very helpful.Rom12_1
Sep 24, 2003 4:37 AM
Will ship and consider putting in writing on auction in future if want only confirmed buyers. Scott
My address in unconfirmed because I'm in Canada...SS_MB-7
Sep 24, 2003 4:44 AM
I've been buying stuff from eBay for a little while and typically use PayPal. Unfortunately, my address is UNCONFIRMED despite using a verified credit card. Since some eBay sellers will not sell to unconfirmed addresses, I sent an email to Paypal:

"My address is appearing as UNCONFIRMED. According to the Help/FAQ info, if my address is the same as my credit card's billing address, which it is, my address should appear as CONFIRMED. Several people receiving payments have inquired about this and I am unsure of the answer. As such, can you please determine why my address is not showing the correct status?"

I received a very quick reply that stated:

"Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

PayPal uses an Automated Verification System to verify credit card billing addresses that are entered on the system. Currently, our system cannot verify International credit card billing addresses so International buyers will not be able to provide a confirmed shipping address to sellers.

These types of security measures are unfortunately necessary in an online environment where it is difficult to check someone's identity. In the physical world, sellers can check someone's credit card and driver's license. In the online world, where simple and effective identification tools do not yet exist, we have to take different precautions. We believe that these safety precautions are in the interest of all our members."

Ride Hard,
Mike B.