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Experience with Gios Frames(4 posts)

Experience with Gios Framesmosovich
Sep 23, 2003 3:12 PM
Anyone have any experience. Looking for an traditional Italion bike. I like the Bianchi's, but was also looking at the Gios as well. Looking at the Gios Carbon inparticular.
re: Experience with Gios FramesLeroy
Sep 23, 2003 7:13 PM
No experience with Gios Carbons, but I have 2 Gios steel bikes. My Compact Pro, the best one, is really nice. But it is retro, lots of chrome and chrome forks. I love Gios bikes, and starting with the blue paint. The carbons acquitted themselves well in the giro. I'm sure the workmanship is equal to Compact Pro, excellent. I'd recommend them just on the strength of my experience with the company.
They've made the same bikes for so many years.dzrider
Sep 24, 2003 4:38 AM
They must be doing something right. I think longevity in the market tells a pretty good story.
re: Experience with Gios Framestarwheel
Sep 24, 2003 5:51 AM
I have a Gios Compact Pro steel lugged frame, which I bought about 2-1/2 years ago. I recently replaced it with an Eddy Merckx frame, primarily because my Gios was a little too small and Merckx geometry suits me better. The Compact Pro is a very smooth riding frame. The workmanship, details and quality of finish are excellent. Mine still looks like new with no paint chips or rust after 10,000 miles of riding.

The biggest issue to keep in mind with Gios is the fit. They have steep (74-degree) head and seat tube angles, and relatively short top tubes and chain stays. So they would fit someone better who likes a shorter top tube -- eg, someone with long legs and shorter torso, or someone like me who is not real flexible and can't ride all stretched out. The steep angles also means the steering is relatively quick. The Gios blue color is spectacular and a company trademark similar to the Bianchi celeste green.

For more info on Gios, talk to the guys at, which is the sole US importer for Gios. You also can get info and photos at the gios website,