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bike fitting in LA/OC and bike reviews...(1 post)

bike fitting in LA/OC and bike reviews...nardis
Sep 23, 2003 9:23 AM
After riding my Lemond Zurich for a year, I've decided that it is finally time for an upgrade. This bike was purchased used, from a private party, and has served its purpose as both a trainer and a commuter bike. With a running background, I decided this year (another reason for buying the Lemond) to enter a few triathlons. And now, I have the bug.

So, I am looking to purchase a new bike. For two reasons. The bike I have does not fit properly (as observed by other riders) and I would like to buy a bike to use for races/long rides (ie, not commuting). I know it is crucial to get sized properly and to purchase a bike based foremost on fit. In looking for a local bike fitter, I did search the archives and found recommendations for the following shops in the area: Edge, Tri-zombies, and I.Martin Imports. But I would really like to hear a few first-hand recommendations and experiences with bike fitters in the area. Without knowing much myself, I do find myself wary of having an inexperienced fitter working with me in a shop. Also, if I want to go to several shops to test ride a few bikes, is it necessary to be fitted at each shop so that they can put me on a bike in their store that fits? Any thoughts on who I should see? I have no issues with cost (within reason), because I would be willing to pay to get it done right.

Also, I feel quite comfortable with road geometry and am not necessarily leaning towards purchasing a tri-dedicated bike. Though, I don't want to junk up a perfectly good road bike by throwing on a set of aero bars (I could never add them to the Lemond). Two bikes that I have seem to have found favorable reviews for are the Cervelo Soloist and the Kestrel Talon. So, if you are a Cervelo or Kestrel owner, I would appreciate hearing why your bike is better. Or, feel free to tell me why your bike, that is not a Cervelo or a Kestrel, is better. ;)