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Road Racing Camaraderie(6 posts)

Road Racing Camaraderiedwn_hiller
Sep 22, 2003 4:59 PM
I am a first year road cyclist who is considering racing a couple of road races next year. I've raced cross country mountain bikes and currently race downhill mountain bike, but have discovered road biking this year.
Since I don't know a lot of other road riders, I thought racing next year may be a good way to get to know some other people that ride.
I'm curious to know what other forum users think about road racing? Did you get to know other riders/racers or were most people there to get on the podium (very serious). Thanks in advance!
re: Road Racing Camaraderierussw19
Sep 22, 2003 5:43 PM
If you start as a Cat 4 or 5 you will see a mix of serious and casual racers, but more will be laid back than serious. Once you get higher up the classes you will see that percentage shift towards the bulk being serious and hardcore. But it takes much more training and discipline to race at a Cat 2 or 3 level than at a Cat 4 level. Another thing to think about is when you try to meet the guys you are racing against. If you try to chat up some guy in the middle of the race, they may tell you off and try to ride away from you, but if you do it after the race over a cooler full of beer, you will make some damn fine friends that way.

Nothing says "Hey, pleased to meet you" like a nice cold Newcastle Brown Ale!

newcastle after a race!!! where???andy02
Sep 23, 2003 4:07 AM
You must have a lot of freinds if you take that to a race. When and where are you racing again?
newcastle after a race!!! where???russw19
Sep 23, 2003 11:03 AM
Andy, you must have misread that post... that's what I would tell dwn_hiller to bring me and you after the race if he wanted to meet some of the guys he was racing against. So I guess the next question is when and where is dwn_hiller's next race?

Start with a clubfiltersweep
Sep 23, 2003 4:30 AM
If your primary goal is camaraderie and meeting other road bikers, join a local club and start showing up for rides. Find a club that caters to your interests or just find the largest, most diverse club- there are bound to be some racers in it.

I was in your situation at one point and was picked up by a small group of riders in the middle of nowhere during a grueling early season organized century. Turned out these guys lived near me- they talked me into joining their club, encouraged me to race, and we've been riding together ever since.
Plenty of time to chat before & after racebimini
Sep 23, 2003 5:00 AM
The races are a social activity before & after the race. There is a lot of time to kill so people talk. But during the race it's everyone for themselves and serious business.

Racing attracts a competative type of cyclist, so if that is where your interest is, you will meet others that share that interest.

You will also run into a certain amount of bragging and excuse making before & after the race. Racing tends to attract people with egos, so there don't be surprised if you run into a few jerks.

If you just want to just socialize, find a club. If you like competition or just going faster on your bike than you ever have in your life, go to the races. You may also meet some neat people that share a common interest.