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New bike frame question(5 posts)

New bike frame questionmollythedog
Sep 22, 2003 3:52 PM
I just sold some of my old stuff and are planning to purchase my dream road bike. I know that I want to build the bike up with Campy record. My first choice for the frame is a Colnago C-40 HP. I am 6'1" and weigh around 200lbs. I mostly do fast group rides and centuries. I have heard that these frames can tend to get flexy with the larger sizes is this true? Any help would be great.
re: New bike frame questionWade03
Sep 22, 2003 4:24 PM
When I think of flexy, I think of some of the super compact frames with mega long seat tubes especially with someone over two bills.
re: New bike frame questionmollythedog
Sep 22, 2003 4:49 PM
Mabye I should rephrase my question. I would like to know some specific details of a colnago c-40's ride quality, for a person of my size(6'1" 200ish. If anyone can compare it to steel,that would be great.
You're pushing the envelope.MR_GRUMPY
Sep 22, 2003 5:10 PM
Just think..... You out-weigh some of the riders, that the frame was designed for, by 50 pounds. You might want to think of something steel, with oversize tubes. Something 3 1/2 to 4 pounds, for the frame.
If you don't care how long the frame lasts, and can put up with a bike that's a little wiggley on fast group rides, go for it.
2nd hand info...C-40
Sep 22, 2003 7:56 PM
After seeing my C-40 a few years ago, a friend of mine who has lots of $ decided he had to have one. He's about 6'-2" and way over 200 lbs. He rode at least a 60cm. He had no complaints about the frame's stiffness. The larger frames are made a bit sturdier. The lugs for instance, are longer than those on my 54cm.

People who own a C-40 often say that it has the liveliness of steel, but with better vibration dampening. It definitely does not have a dead "wooden" feel, often attributed to the Trek carbon frame.

The lowest price that I know of is at Many good reports from this euro dealer. Personally, I'd wait for the new C-50. It will have a 1-1/8" steering tube and a larger head tube lug to go with it.

If you want a really nice frame that will certainly be stiff enough, just get a Master X-light at a fraction of the price. Traditional, but still a fine ride.