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do I really need a saw to fix my problem(3 posts)

do I really need a saw to fix my problemishmael
Sep 22, 2003 3:32 PM
I've now stripped the teeth off my campy record bb cups for the second time(awful design in my opinion, but then maybe I'm not using the proper combination of tools). The first time I was able to use a quick release throught the bb holding the tool tightly enough against it to get it off, but it's worse this time and that wont work. I've asked some bike stores for advice and they look at me agast and tell me they'd cut it out and maybe have to rethread the frame. Using a saw on my bike goes against my grain so I was thinking maybe I could find a glue that was amazing enough to glue the tool to the cup and get it out that way. What are my chances? LBS says I risk getting in even worse trouble since I might glue the threads of the bb. I dont think so. BUt then maybe there isn't a glue out there for me. Or maybe you have a better idea.
I beat myself severly about the ears for doing this now for the second time on both cups -spare the rod spoil the child. After it's all done and I get it out(cross my fingers), once again, I'll surely find the root of my squeak was something else.
I'l bet you're just sick....asphalt assault
Sep 22, 2003 3:52 PM
I'v always run a bolt through the BB tool with the same thread diameter and pitch as the crank bolts (but much longer) to spin the cups out, it will probably be more secure then a QR. Before you start, hose the area down with some penatrating oil and let it sit for a while.

BTW, I'v done this with Shimano BB's but I figure it's pretty much the same as Campy?

Good luck! (a saw...ugh!)
Just what are you doing?Kerry Irons
Sep 22, 2003 4:08 PM
I've had my Campy BB in and out several times, always torqued to 70 nm. How are you regularly stripping things out? Both sides! At any rate, I expect that if you set the tool in place and then tap it firmly into the BB, it will work "one last time" to remove the BB cups. If you place a socket on top of the tool (like a 19mm or so) you can tap the socket with a mallet and really drive the tool into the cup splines. Your experience suggests a need to re-examine your wrenching procedures and focus more on finesse and less on force.