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5'7'' with 31" inseam - short torso?(5 posts)

5'7'' with 31" inseam - short torso?Abbek
Sep 22, 2003 1:04 PM
Hi everybody. I'm 5'7" and my inseam is 31". Is this considered long legs/short torso combo? I'm considering a Litespeed Veneto, which has a slightly shorter top tube, and have seen several posts saying it works well for people with shorter torsos, relatively speaking. Will I benefit from such a geometry considering my body measurements, assuming otherwise proper fit? appreciate any input.
re: 5'7'' with 31" inseam - short torso?No_sprint
Sep 22, 2003 1:18 PM
Regularish/slightly shortish. Knowing nothing else, you should quite easily be able to get an off the shelf bike. I've got a longish torso and fit on my 'Nag like geom crit race bike just fine. I like a small cockpit for improved command.
not really...C-40
Sep 22, 2003 1:45 PM
I'm 1/2 inch shorter with a much longer 32-5/8 inch (83cm) inseam. I have no trouble with stock TT lengths of 53-54.5cm. Until recently, when I began moving my saddle back to enchance climbing, I always used a 110mm stem.

Be sure that you are measuring your cycling inseam to very firm crotch contact in bare feet. I like to use a bike with a horizontal top tube as a measuring tool. Block up the wheels until you have saddle-like crotch pressure when standing over the frame in bare feet, then measure from the floor to the top of the top tube.

I presume that you are considering the size S with a 52.1cm TT length and not the size M with a 53.8cm TT. If you really have only a 79cm inseam, the size M would be too tall. The front-center dimension on these frames is also quite short. Expect significant toe-overlap with the front wheel.

I would carefully remeasure your inseam. If it's 79cm, then you actually have a longish torso and should stay with more conventional frames with TT lengths in the 53-55cm range.
thanks for the tips and another questionAbbek
Sep 22, 2003 4:50 PM
i had a nagging suspicion i was normal :-) I was indeed considering the size S which has the right standover height. I plead ignorance here, but what is the downside of a slightly shorter TT, beside a more upright position which may be desirable for some of us? my current bike has a 55 TT, which feels a bit too long for me. In any event, i will go through a complete fitting session at LBS before - if at al - buying. just wanted a heads up whether this type of frame is at all appropriate for my measurements. Thanks again.
what stem length and seat tube angle???C-40
Sep 22, 2003 8:06 PM
A 55cm TT with a 73 degree seat tube angle is the same as a 53.8cm TT with a 74 degree STA. You have to qualify any TT length with a STA to be meaningful.

If you are using a short 90mm stem, then the shorter TT of the Veneto may be of value. If you are using something longer, like a 110mm, then a shorter stem is a simple solution. Obviously the Veneto is aimed at the recreational rider and not the serious road riding crowd.

Personally, I don't think that it makes sense to spend a lot of $ on a Ti frame, if you only ride recreationally and won't have the fitness required for serious road bike.

If you want a nice Ti bike, take a look at the Excel sports Macalu (made by Litespeed). It's probably cheaper, doesn't use an integrated headset and the 53cm should fit pretty well.