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Cinelli (compact) frame size?(2 posts)

Cinelli (compact) frame size?hphoto
Sep 22, 2003 12:05 PM
I'm about to purchase a 2003 Cinelli Proxima or Unica frameset. But I need to decide whether to get Small or Medium size frame.

I ride a 52cm c-c frame with a 53.5cm top tube (c-c) and a 120mm stem.

According to cinelli website, the small has a virtual top tube length of 52.5 and the medium has 54.5. So I'm right in between.

Should I get the small frame and possibly use a 130mm stem, or a medium frame and use a 110mm stem?

Also opinions about these Cinelli frames appreciated.


the compact dilema...C-40
Sep 22, 2003 3:11 PM
The problem with many compacts is the large jump in sizes. While some builders like Colnago offer frames in 1cm increments with top tubes gradually increasing .5cm (or less) per cm of frame size, the compacts often make large jumps in TT length.

You have failed to mention the seat tube angle on your current frame. A TT length without a STA is meaningless. You also don't mention the stem angle, head tube length (with headset) or the amount of steering tube spacers on your current setup. All are relevant to producing both a good fit and bike that looks good. A too-small frame can often be salvaged with a long high-rise stem and many steering tube spacers, but the finished product looks stupid on the road.

It is most likely that you should get a medium frame. The head tube length of the small frame is a very short 108mm, while the the medium is 130mm. You would use a 110mm stem on the medium frame, only if it has the same STA as your current frame (73.5 degrees). If the STA is significantly different, the "effective" TT length of the Cinelli may be more or less than 1cm longer than your current frame.